Vinyl decals and lettering to the rescue!

Inexpensive vinyl alternatives to update existing signage.

aspenwoodsbigLots of money is spent on custom signage every year from large corporations to small businesses. So what's a person to do when their custom sign needs to be updated or have information added or deleted from an existing digital banner, wood construction or business sign, aluminum sign, sidewalk sign inserts and many more types of signs. There are two options that are relatively inexpensive that can serve as cost-effective fixes especially when your budget is lean and you can't afford to purchase a whole new sign. If you have a great sign already why spend more money than you have to when there are a few alternatives available to you through utilizing vinyl decals and vinyl letters (depending on your sign needs.)

Depending on your sign needs there are two vinyl decal options that will work as a temporary fix or permanent fix that will save you money on purchasing brand new signs. It's always best to call your chosen sign company and discuss your cover-up sign needs so that they can help you determine which of the following sign fixes are most appropriate and will work best and keep you within budget without having to purchase new signage.


adhesive-decal-materialFor signs that need a block of information covered up or changed, which are already utilizing digitally printed graphics of some sort to begin with, vinyl decals may be the best sign fix choice.. The adhesive material can adhere to many different substrates and mask underlying information. Stickers and decals are fairly easy to install and can extend the life of your sign for many years to come. Vinyl decals can cover large or small spaces and allow you to just slap on the decal over the existing information with ease. And with a little design help from your from chosen sign company, you can have a digital decal cover-up, will more then likely blend in or compliment your existing sign colors and font styles, and nobody will be the wiser!


cut-vinyl-roll sampleIf your current signage allows you may be able to utilize cut vinyl lettering that can replace old information with new information. Cut vinyl letters are great for lettered signs of any sort, where the original information also utilized cut vinyl letters, because you can peel off the old lettering and adhere new lettering. Cut vinyl lettering comes pre-spaced and ready to install allowing you to replace a lot of lettering or a little bit of lettering like dates, numbers, locations and the like. Most over the road banners, that are not digitally printed, utilize cut vinyl letters and numbers so that the information can be changed annually thereby assuring a product that can be used again and again. And if you are in the market for a new sign, you might want to consider going with cut vinyl over printed decals, to be able to switch out the information easily and with little fuss.

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