Pole banners require exact measurements.

How to properly order a pole banner.

santabanrPole banners are used for a plethora of different advertising and decorative displays. Known by many names like light pole banners, street pole banners, avenue banners...pole banners are commonly seen dotting downtown city avenues and parking lots across America. Pole banners offer two-sided banner coverage in a convenient package that can be displayed on indoor or outdoor pole systems. But you won't be able to display your pole banner if it doesn't fit the poles right.

Ordering a pole banner without understanding the mechanics of how to achieve the right pole banner fit can lead to an expensive sign disaster. Pole banners are designed to slide over pole systems and need to have extra material added to the top, bottom or sides of the banner (or a combination thereof.) In addition to the printed portion of a pole banner, the pole sleeve size, needs to be figured into the overall sizing of your pole banner for a proper fit.

Pole banners are very specific when it comes to measurements, because if you are off in the least, the banner may not fit your pole system. This isn't a problem if your pole system is adjustable, but for those who are working with a fixed pole system, you'll be looking down the barrel of re-ordering new banners that will fit your poles.

Here are the two things you need to know when ordering pole banners to assure a proper fit:


This may seem easy enough, but if you don't have the correct banner size, then the finished banner may not fit on the pole properly. Some people measure their pole banner size according to the inside of the poles that the pole banner will be displayed from. This is not an accurate way to measure for your pole banner size. The proper way to figure out the necessary pole banner size is to actually measure from the top, of the top pole, to the bottom of the bottom pole. That will determine what the finished size of the pole banner needs to be to properly display on your poles.


Estimating a pole sleeve size can be just as detrimental as sizing your pole banner improperly, in fact, maybe even more-so. The pole sleeves enable the pole banner to be hung on the pole system. And even if your pole banner size is correct, a miscalculated pole sleeve measurement, could quite possibly make it impossible to hang your pole banner. If the pole sleeve is to small it won't slide on the pole system; on the other hand, if the pole banner sleeve is too large, your banner may sag when displayed. Properly determining the appropriate pole sleeve size requires an accurate measurement of the "diameter" of the pole. By supplying your banner company with the diameter of the pole they will be able to add the appropriate amount of extra material to create the necessary pole sleeves to display our pole banner.

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