Are some vinyl colors better than others?

Yes, but that all depends on your vinyl lettering needs.

Cut vinyl lettering comes in an array of different colors in both intermediate (standard) vinyl and high performance (premium) vinyl. Choosing a vinyl letter color (or colors) for you vinyl lettering needs is completely up to the customer, but in certain instances, we will suggest alternate vinyl color choices to better help our customers achieve and purchase lettering that will work best for their needs.

For instance, when it comes to window lettering, white vinyl is the absolute best vinyl color to use. This is because most windows are tinted in some way, shape or form with some windows tinted heavier than others. White vinyl is best vinyl choice because it can be easily seen from a distance and more visible than darker colored vinyls. And while white is the best vinyl color choice for windows, if you'd like a little contrast or vibrant color for your window lettering, stick with lighter vinyl colors like Olympic Blue, Yellow, Apple Green, etc. (see our Vinyl Color Choices page for vinyl lettering color options.) But if you absolutely want darker vinyl lettering, we suggest adding a layer of white vinyl, to outline the darker vinyl color.

Another very popular vinyl letter color for window lettering and window graphics is our etched glass (frosted crystal) vinyl. This specialty vinyl is actually not a color and appears to be more of a diffused gray. Etched glass vinyl achieves the look of a sand-blasted surface without spending the money for it. Etched glass vinyl, while looking sophisticated and classy, also serves another purpose...privacy. The semi-transparent nature of this particular vinyl material creates a blurred look, which when applied in blocks, serves as a visual barrier of sorts that light can still filter through.

When it comes to vinyl wall lettering or vehicle lettering there are really no vinyl letter colors that are better than the other. It is mostly subjective to color of your vehicle or wall and what color would best compliment the space. With vehicles though keeping with your brand color scheme may narrow your vinyl color choices down. As a rule though, darker vehicles should definitely utilize lighter vinyl colors, whereas vehicles with fair coloring should invest in darker vinyl colors for better visibility. The same vinyl color rule goes for lettering only banners. Light banners make a better impact when dark, bold vinyl lettering colors are used; with dark banners benefiting visually from light colored vinyls.

And for lettering that requires night visibility, white vinyl reflective lettering is the best vinyl color choice, even though we do carry other reflective vinyl colors upon request.

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