Sign Materials

Materials for sign making

plastic substrateAcrylic/Plexiglas

Acrylic is made from extremely versatile plastic material, also known as Plexiglas, and is the perfect choice for sophisticated, high-tech signage. Acrylic is highly durable and available in a variety of colors and sizes and is often used for architectural, point-of-purchase, trade show, etc. signs. Acrylic sheets come in different thicknesses and sizes but we most commonly use 1/4", 1/8" and 3/16". See our acrylic sign page for more information.

blank aluminum signsAluminum

Aluminum signs are very durable, weather proof and long lasting. Aluminum signs are primarily used outdoors, but work just as well for all indoor applications. Most all aluminum signs have rounded corners for safety purposes, which also gives them a very professional and sleek look. Aluminum signs will not rust and are guaranteed to last for a minimum of at least 5 years. We carry three different thickness options: .040, .063 and .080. See our aluminum sign page for more information.

colored vinyl bannersBanners (Vinyl)

All our digital banners, as well as our lettered banners, utilize vinyl based banner material. Our vinyl banner materials are made for indoor and outdoor use and are very durable withstanding most all normal weather conditions. We offer a variety of different banner weights depending on your banner needs. For lettered banners, we offer a small selection of colored vinyl banners. Please call for lettered banner pricing or see our digital banner pages for instant banner pricing.

adhesive-decal-materialBumper Stickers & Decals (Adhesive Vinyl)

We carry two different grades of vinyl to produce our bumper stickers, square decals and stickers. Our standard vinyl comes in white and clear and has an approximate 3 mil thickness. This self adhesive vinyl works well on smooth non-porous surfaces. Our premium vinyl, also comes in white and clear, and is better suited for applications where the surface is a bit textured or has a slight contour. Both vinyls can be laminated for a longer-lasting print. See our decal page for more pricing.

coroplast-sampleCoroplast (Corrugated Plastic)

Corrugated plastic (or coroplast) is essentially like cardboard, but created from plastic, making this product more durable and weather proof. Corrugated plastic comes in various colors and thicknesses (we carry 3 mm / 6 mm / 10 mm). Coroplast can have digital prints or cut vinyl lettering mounted to the face of either side of the material. Coroplast can be displayed using wire stakes, metal stakes, grommets for hanging or simply free-standing. See our coroplast page for more information.

cut-vinyl-roll sampleCut Vinyl (Adhesive spot color rolls for Lettering, Numbering & Decals)

We currently offer a variety of colors in both our Intermediate standard (calendered) vinyl and our Premium high-performance (caste) vinyl stock. Standard and Premium vinyls last about 5 - 10 years outdoors without fading. Our cut vinyl comes pre-spaced for application or can be applied to various substrates to create custom signs. We also offer specialty vinyls like Etched glass, Reflective vinyl and Gold or Silver Mirror vinyl. See our do-it-yourself vinyl page for pricing.

foamboard-samplesFoamcore (Foamboard)

Foamboard is great indoor semi-rigid signage needs. Foamboard has a styrofoam center with a paper coating. Foamcore is a light weight material used widely at trade shows; point-of-purchase displays; and for professional looking presentation tools for the office, home, school and more. We currently stock 3/16" thick black foamcore, to accommodate digital prints or cut vinyl lettering. If you need a different thickness or color, please give us a call, to discuss other available options. See our foamcore page for more information.

magnetic materialMagnetic Signs

Our magnetic material is vehicle grade with a .030 thickness, one of the thickest in the industry, which provides a stronger pull and reduces the risk of losing your magnetic signs while in transit. We use only 100% American made magnetic sheeting that is durable and well-made. Magnetic signs are great for temporary and removable mobile advertising that will not affect the underlying metal surface and allow for versatility in advertising. See our magnetic sign page for instant pricing.

wood signsMDO (Medium Density Overlay)

MDO is essentially plywood that has a resin-treated smooth fiber overlay fused to the front and back of the wood. This overlay allows for even and rapid coating for paint applications. There are many different thicknesses for MDO on the market though we predominantly produce 1/2" MDO signs. MDO is very sturdy and completely weather proof for amazing outdoor displays and signage. See our wood sign page for more information.

PVC substratesPVC

Our PVC material comes in black or white with different thicknesses. PVC is an economic solid material used for all sorts of signage. PVC is very light weight, durable and semi-rigid and works great for indoor and outdoor advertising. PVC will usually last about 3 years in most conditions and is widely used for tradeshow signs and in the real estate industry. Please visit our PVC page for more information on this type of signage. See our PVC sign page for more information.

clear static clingStatic Clings

We sell both white and clear static clings that adhere to smooth glass surfaces without any adhesive using static electricity only. Since there is no adhesive, static clings can be moved and repositioned with ease on various glass surfaces from retail windows, home windows to vehicle windows. Please see our Static Cling page for more information or to request a custom quotation.

banner stand optionsStands, Frames and Stakes

We also sell an array of essential hardware to display your signage in sleek and innovative ways. We currently carry a variety of different stakes and frames for our yard, aluminum, real estate and PVC signs. For our digitally printed banners we offer portable banner stands systems in different heights and widths. We also offer an array of sandwich board A-frame style stands that you can purchase with or without inserts. See our banner stand page and a-frame sign page for more information.

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