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We have several different vinyl banner choices to match your specific individual needs...from indoor digital banner prints to full color outdoor banners, silk screen printed banners and vinyl lettered banner options.

See below for brief descriptions of our vinyl banner choices. For our regular, instant banner pricing, click the get pricing button below, to get instant pricing.

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Digital vinyl banner printing using an ultra high resolution eco-solvent printers for beautifully vibrant full color printed vinyl banners - no color fade! Two wind banner styles in small, medium & large sizes. Printed in rich full color on a polyester fabric. Indoor/outdoor use. Rotates 360 degrees in either direction. We carry a large variety of "tradeshow" signs and banners from poster boards to table skirts to portable retractable banners and stands. Mesh vinyl banners. Digitally printed on a perforated vinyl material Full color digital print banner allowing air to flow freely through the banner.

Full Color Printed Banners

Digital banner Printing

Beautiful indoor and outdoor short term to long term banners.

Our full color banners are the choice among graphic artists. This type of banner can be selected when you have "print ready" digital artwork or need help with your design. These banners are printed using high resolution printers giving you the very highest quality four color process banners available. For digital banners under 52" in height please see our Regular Banner page for pricing and options; and for banners over 52" in height see our extra-large digital banner pricing page.

The brilliance of six color process digital printing on a durable indoor/outdoor banner. For printing jobs where high quality, quick turn-around, and durability are what is required, you'll find the our QS-XLT banner or our Rip-Resistant banner is the best choice. These banners are printed on durable 13 ounce banner materials. Our printing capabilities include our 720 DPI, 4-color process printer, which produces sharp and colorful results. Your banner will hold up for years indoors and stand up to most outdoor applications as well.

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Digitally printed banner Features:
  • Grommeted for various mounting installations.
  • We can print your artwork or help you with a design.
  • Doesn't require any lamination for outdoor use.
  • Print up to 52-inch height on regular banners; and up to 16-feet in height without a seam.
  • Stunning photo quality resolution for picture quality prints.

Vinyl lettered banners.

Vinyl banner

Vinyl banners with lettering and numbering only.

This type banner used to be the least expensive banner on the market, but with the boom in digital printing, has become mostly outdated. Lettered banners are best used when you want to have a "lettering only" banner that has the ability to be altered by changing dates, times or events. If you will not be changing dates or information on your banner, please see our full color digital banner page for pricing and options.

Vinyl cut lettered banners are great for getting the most out of your advertising budget when you need a text only replaceable lettered/numbered vinyl banner.

Is your message generally text that has dates, times or information that will need to be changed over and over again? Lettered banners are made with adhesive cut vinyl lettering that is applied to the face of a blank vinyl banner. Since the lettered text is separate from the vinyl banner itself, you can easily switch dates, times, locations, etc, instead of having to buy a new digitally printed banner year after year. Cut vinyl lettered banners allow you the flexibility to use the banner again and again, by just change the information, and can possibly save you money in the long run. We use sturdy 10 ounce material for our vinyl lettered banners with many standard cut vinyl lettering colors to choose from. Lettered banners can be used indoors and outdoors that stands up well to most common weather conditions.

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Vinyl Lettered Banner Features:
  • Durable: grommetted w/double stitched hems.
  • We can use your vector artwork, or design for you.
  • Lasts up to 60 months...even outdoors.
  • Choose a standard size, or get quote on any size.
  • Banners come in 6 colors, 15 colors of vinyl.

Pre-Printed generic "stock" banners

Pre-printed Banners

Stock Banners

Our pre-printed stock banners are a great choice when you need a banner quick. These pre-printed banners have been previously screen printed with general statements on a sturdy 10 ounce vinyl banner material and are ready to ship immediately.

Frequently we get requests for banners and posters with generic or regularly used statements like 'Grand Opening';  'Sale'; 'Under New Ownership'; 'Now Hiring' etc. For this type of banner consumer we have added the convenience of stock banners pre-printed with pre-determined messages. Stock banners are weather resistant, made fully hemmed and grommeted, and ready for use outdoors. These banners are pre-printed in large quantities which passes the savings onto you. Please call (714) 573-9313 for currently available stock banner designs and pricing. For custom banners please see our digital banner printing page for pricing and options or "Request A Quote" by clicking on the button below.

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Pre-printed, Stock Banner Features:
  • Fully sewn hem w/ grommets.
  • We can use your artwork.
  • Same durability found in Dura-Tuf banners.
  • 3 standard sizes 3'x5', 3'x10', 3'x20'
  • Red print on white or black print on orange

Silk Screen banner printing.

Silk Screen Banners

Silkscreen printed banners

Screen printed banners are used when you have a high quantity of the same artwork. Think of silk screening like you would a business card. Normally you wouldn't order one business card, similarly you normally would not order one or just a few silk screen banners.

Printing a lot of banners? Silkscreen printing will save $$

At around 50 copies of the same print, silk screen printing becomes much less expensive per print than digital inkjet printing. Silkscreen banners can be turned out quickly (normally within 5 - 7 business day) and feature much of the image quality found in their digital print counterparts. Our screen printed banners use a sturdy 10 ounce material and accommodate spot color call-outs as well as 4 color process screen printing. These banners are weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors. But if your message is generally text, and you need less than 10 banners, then a vinyl cut lettered banner is a better choice for simple shapes and designs that can be cut from a computer file to adhesive vinyl. If your banner needs fall slightly under 50 pieces you may want to look into digital print banners, which just may be the most economical form of printing, in lieu of screen printed banners. In comparison with screen printing, our custom digital print vinyl banners, can benefit you with a quicker turn-around time and extremely affordable pricing.

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Screen Printed Banner Features:
  • Fully sewn, double stitched hem w/ grommets.
  • We can use your artwork or help you create a completely unique design.
  • Same durability found in Dura-Tuf banners and great for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Most sizes, Few as 50 as many as 1000's.
  • PMS Color Matching.

Light Pole Street Banners.

sleeved pole banner

Custom street banners to fit on light poles.

These banners are very popular in small and large metropolitan areas and are mostly seen in downtown areas or parking lots. Pole banners are custom made with sewn-in sleeves, in the top and bottom of the banner, to slide onto adjustable or fixed rod systems for display on various outdoor and indoor structures.

Double-sided advertising at a great price!

When you need a highly visible banner, to display on a pole system, we have some great products and options for you. We offer a few different pole banner options depending on your needs. Pole banners can be single-sided or double-sided and convey the same message or contrasting information, doubling your exposure and coverage, essentially giving you the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone! Pole banners are printed on either 13 oz. or 20 oz. vinyl banner material, depending on your needs, and can usually be completed within 5 - 7 business days. If, however, you are looking for double-sided ground level advertising please see our A-frame sign page.

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Street Pole Banner Features:
  • Single-sided or double-sided advertising capabilities.
  • 13 oz. banner material with stitched in blockout material or sturdy 20 oz. material (no block-out needed)
  • Extremely durable for outdoor conditions. Printed with fade resistant eco-solent inks.
  • Custom product can be made to fit any pole system (adjustable or fixed).
  • Extremely vibrant digital prints or screen print options in quantities over 50 banners


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