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Truck and Van Magnetic Sign Pricing

Truck and Van door, tailgate and side panel magnetic signs

  • Custom sizes up to 24" tall x any length.
  • 100% American made vehicle magnetic material.
  • Fade resistant inks and duracoat lamination.
  • Long lasting - 2 to 4 years lifespan.

For permanent trucks signs, see Truck Graphics.

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Magnetic signs for your truck, van, SUV or tailgate

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For more information on our truck, van, SUV or tailgate magnetic signs, please call (714) 573-9313

Magnetic signs for your truck, van or SUV

Doors, tailgates and rear door or hatchback areas

mag_contemporaryinnovation offers truck, van and SUV magnets to fit any of your size needs. Contractor and construction truck and van magnetic signs allow you the flexibility to advertise your business any time you want. With our easy on, easy off magnetics, you can advertise you business occasionally or permanently.
Our truck magnets are perfect for:

  • Fleet markings: A quick and affordable way for all vehicles to look the same. Custom truck magnetics allow you to "brand" your company. Making sure that on the job workers are easily identified.
  • Temporary signage:Truck magnets offer a short term alternative to permanent vinyl decals.
  • Professional advertising: Inexpensive and a great "bang for the buck". Truck magnets are the ideal place to advertising your product.
  • Identification:Truck door magnetics signs show credibility. Tell them who you with your company name, phone number, and website.

Truck magnetic signs are ideal for:
Plumbing, remodeling, home businesses, delivery services, cleaning companies, home construction and electrician, PC repair, heating and air conditioning and many more. If you have a vehicle that needs recognition, identification or advertising, magnetic truck signs are a perfect match for inexpensive signage.

Frequent questions about our truck and van signs

Answers to your most common questions


Truly there is "no" standard size. Every make and model are fairly unique and may have added features like reverse moulding, raised pin-stripping, etc. Some of our more popular regular sizes are as follows: small (10" h x 18" w), medium (11" h x 20" w) and large (12" h x 24" w). When ordering  magnetics for your tailgate area, make sure to measure only the AVAILABLE space. It is not recommended to have the magnetic sign covering any handles or logos, or in the case of vans, any door seams.


We have been in the magnetic sign business for 25+ years and have found that rounding the corners adds to their longevity. Square corners will eventually start to dog-ear after a few years of peeling them off of your vehicle. But, through the years, we found that slightly rounding the corners eliminates the dog-ear effect and highly recommend that finishing option, to our customers, too extend the life of their magnetic signs.


If your truck/van magnetic sign is maintained and installed properly, then the risk factor of losing a magnetic sign is non-existent. However, if the magnetic sign is placed over any obstacles that will allow air underneath it's surface, then you do run the risk of losing a magnetic while on the road. Start by measuring the available "FLAT" surface area on your truck or van (where the magnetic will be applied), before ordering your magnetic signs, to assure a perfect fit. Ill-fitting magnetic signs, that do not sit flush on the vehicle, can and will fly off. Maintenance is also an important key to not losing magnetic signs. Always make sure to gently clean the application area of your truck or van and the magnetic receptive side of the sign before installation, to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated, which can cause adhesion problems and result in the loss of a magnetic sign.


Our magnetic signs have a protective laminate that helps to shield the print from the elements as well as regular wear and tear. When our magnetic signs are properly maintained and installed they have a typical longevity of 3 - 5 years, and possibly more.


We have a very talented design staff here at Quick Signs and would definitely love to help you put together a desirable design for your magnetic truck or van signs. Whether you have no artwork at all or have pieces of a design, we are here to help. Place your order for magnetic signs and either click on the "I have no artwork" or "I will upload my artwork later" button. Once we receive your order, you will be contacted by a sales representative to discuss your specific truck or van magnetic sign needs. Or you can always give us a call at (714) 573-9313 before placing your order to discuss pricing and ordering.

More Questions?

If you have any other questions, or would like more information about our magnetic truck and van signs, please give our  specialists a call  (714) 573-9313.

Ordering magnetic signs for trucks or vans online

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Get a price. Choose your truck or van magnetic sign size, quantity and finish from the pricing calculator to the right of this page. If you are not sure if this is the right product for your needs, give us a call toll free at (714) 573-9313, we are here to help.

2. Place your order. After you get your price, click the "Order  Now" button. A credit credit card is all we need to get started. We accept all major cards. Our secured servers provide the protection you need when ordering online.

3. Upload your artwork. Easily upload your artwork online. When we receive your artwork, we'll open it, check the artwork - for FREE - to assess the overall quality, sizing, and color compatibility of the file. After inspection, you will either receive an email with your visual proof and pricing confirmation; or, if we have concerns about your artwork, you will be contacted by one of our design team to discuss our findings.

Magnetic Truck or Van satisfaction. offers the best quality magnetic signs at a fraction of the competitor's prices.  Our customer service and attention to detail make the ordering and design process easier than ever.  Coupled with our quick production time and RUSH options, you can have your magnetic signs on your truck or van in no time!

Your truck or van magnets will ship quickly, look fantastic, and you can be sure to impress ALL of your potential customers.  E-mail us or give us a call, and get your digitally printed magnetic sign order started today!

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