Election Signs: Political Campaign Signs

The importance of stickers or decals in an election campaign.

election signs

Election signs can play an important role throughout the entire campaign process.

From the very first days of the election process, election signs begin to carry out their important functions. Campaign signs sometimes contain the name of a candidate running for political office and aid in popularizing the names of lesser known individuals.

Election signs come in many shapes and sizes and serve many purposes. Creators of election signs and decals use many tactics to get their point across. Some political signs simply remind and encourage others to remember to get out and vote. Others demonstrate a specific political opinion or agenda. Signs can be polite and respectful, or they can demonstrate a dramatic and unpopular view on a specific topic or public figure. Election signs can be sarcastic, critical, or supportive. Sometimes election signs seek to gain leverage by linking a certain political candidate to a popular concept such as peace, love, support of the environment, or family.

Some campaign signs are simple and are not highly embellished. Other campaign signs are obviously well-designed creations of people who are using their talents creatively to promote their own political views. These ingenious people believe that many other people will be affected by their designing efforts. If these creatively designed election signs touch the hearts or minds of people and influence their vote, the outcome of the election may be affected. The entire course of the nation may in turn be affected by these creative signs.

Campaign signs can be used in a variety of places. Teens, children, and adults enjoy wearing signs on their shirts or jackets. Furthermore, political signs can be affixed to envelopes to be used in campaign mailings. If they are bright and colorful, these signs may be seen by postal workers and mail carriers as well. Election signs can be attached to calendars, bulletin boards, or fliers at the workplace. In general, election signs are versatile ways to publicize political opinions.

Do election signs really have an effect in changing the minds of viewers? Although many voters are well informed concerning the candidates, others know very little about the political views of the people running for office. Such voters simply try to vote for the winning side. If they see that many people are exuberantly wearing election signs favoring a certain political candidate, they may conclude that this person is going to win. They may then vote for this candidate since they want to cast their vote on the winning side.

On Election Day, voters arrive at the polls, ready to make their selection for political office. At this time, campaign workers distribute the last type of election signs used in the campaign. These signs boldly proclaiming, "I voted!" These signs promote a feeling of accomplishment in the voter, encouraging him to believe that he has fulfilled his civic duty. Furthermore, as the voter goes about his daily routine, others may see his election sticker and be motivated to vote themselves. In conclusion, election signs play a role in the outcome of the campaign from start to finish.

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