Vinyl Wall and Window Murals

Window and wall decals that combine creativity and functionality


The digital age is a beautiful thing especially when it comes to signage. Large scale digital prints create vibrant and eye-catching signs on a variety of mediums, one of which is vinyl,  that can be displayed to catch the attention of customers, clients or guests or to creativity; or to fill blank spaces, like walls and windows, with a visually pleasing image to enjoy or inform that can be installed easily and eventually removed to make way for updated images.

Many people still employ professional painters to create beautiful wall murals as well as window murals. This process can be lengthy and costly, and if you ever need to change the motif or information, will need to be painted over. But with digital printing you can cut cost and time, and still achieve a visually stunning wall mural or window mural printed on adhesive vinyl, that can eventually be removed if the ambiance of the space needs a bit of a change. Also, vinyl wall murals and window murals (also known as wall decals or window decals, respectively) can be installed on a do-it-yourself basis or by professional installers, preferably through the sign company who prints your vinyl wall mural or window mural, making it easy to buy and install to creativity decorate walls and windows quickly!


wall-decal-faceAdhesive vinyl wall murals offer an easy way to spruce up blank wall space with vivacious digital images giving the whole room a different atmosphere and vibe. Vinyl wall murals are essentially the modern wallpaper of yesteryear kicked up a notch and amplified. High-resolution digital images are printed onto adhesive vinyl that is then either split up into manageable panels, that when all assembled and applied to the wall create a seamless visual image; or printed on one large piece for a single lay-down (depending on the size of your vinyl wall mural.) And when it's time to change the look of the room, you can simply remove the vinyl wall decals, and start all over again with a clean slate without your wall being damaged.


window-decals-girlsWindow murals work in the same exact way as wall murals, by utilizing empty space and turning them into vivacious works of art, that are eye-catching and modern with infinite possibilities. Window murals can cover an entire window, or portion thereof, and can even be broken down into small and large prints to accommodate fluctuating window sizes (as seen in the picture to the left.) But unlike vinyl wall murals, which are printed onto a solid vinyl material, vinyl window murals can be printed on a special perforated material allowing the window to maintain visibility in both directions while still showcasing a beautiful digital print.

How to purchase vinyl wall murals and window murals:

1. ART FILE: You'll either need to purchase a high-resolution stock image, from a verified high-quality image source, like, or, etc. (or provide your own personal image.) This file will need to be supplied to your sign company of choice for the digital printing aspect of creating your custom vinyl wall mural or vinyl window mural.

2. MEASUREMENTS: You'll need to provide measurements of the wall space you are wanting to cover to obtain pricing, which also doubles as necessary information that your sign company will need if they will be installing the wall or window graphics for you. The measurements also help your sign company re-size your art accordingly (if necessary) and determine if your art work will fit the space properly and also if enlarged artwork will look crisp and clear when blown up to fit your window or wall measurement.

3: CHOOSE YOUR SIGN COMPANY: You can find great sign companies and print shops online or in your local neighborhood. For customers that are installing their own vinyl wall murals, and vinyl window murals, you can shop around on the internet for the best pricing and order online. While customers that prefer that their chosen sign company carry out the installation, then it's best to settle on a local sign company, that offers professional installation of their products.

Have questions about vinyl wall murals/decals or vinyl window murals/decals? Pease give Quick Signs a call at (714) 573-9313, we're here for all your sign needs!

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