Standard vinyl vs. Premium vinyl.

Choosing the right vinyl for the job!

Choosing the vinyl for you job is pretty easy when you what type of surface you will be applying the vinyl too and how long you need it to last. Most sign shops carry a few different varieties of adhesive vinyl to choose from. We currently carry two different types of adhesive vinyl that accommodates our specific customers perfectly. We offer a Standard (Intermediate) calendared vinyl and a Premium (High Performance) cast vinyl in both our solid colored vinyl choices, as well as, in our digital print adhesive vinyl.

Standard calendered vinyl will last 3 - 5 years (possibly more) out in the elements and is the best choice for all basic lettering. Standard vinyl applies and adheres to most all smooth non-porous surfaces and is a great choice for window lettering, wall lettering and simple lettering projects. This vinyl can be used indoors or outdoors and will retain it's color, without fading, for a long period of time in normal weather environments (constant sun will make any vinyl color fade quicker.)

Premium cast vinyl will last 5 - 7 years (possibly more) under normal conditions. Premium vinyl is predominantly used for vehicle lettering, because it is thinner and has a more aggressive adhesive, that can conform easier to contours on vehicles. Standard vinyl can be used on vehicles, but it is thicker and has doesn't conform as easily as Premium vinyl does. For this very reason, Premium vinyl is higher recommended, for any basic lettering projects that involve the vinyl being applied to any surface that has even a small amount of texture.

When comparing standard vinyl against premium vinyl there are just a slight differences: the thickness, longevity, adhering to texture and price. Standard vinyl will work great for most all lettering and is the cheapest way to go. Premium vinyl will last longer and can conform easier to textures, but will cost a bit more. Both vinyls are great products that work well for lots of different lettering projects and still fit within your budget.

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