Vinyl letters and font choice options.

Choosing appropriate fonts for the best readability.

There are literally thousands of fonts to choose from for cut vinyl lettering. Our database alone, has over 3,000 fonts, which gives us lots of options for our customers to choose from. Some of our customers already have a file to send us that has a font already chosen. But a majority don't necessarily have any "print-ready" or "cut-ready" files with their predetermined font chosen. That is where having some sort of font list is helpful for our customers that fall into that category. Now mind you, our font list, is just a very basic representation of our available fonts but it will help steer our designers in the correct direction for your font choice.

When it comes to choosing a font, which would seem like a very straightforward task, can be a bit daunting. Some people like script fonts (serif) while others like bold block fonts. Neither font is better than the other technically speaking. Both font styles can look great in all textual applications, but sometimes can actually work against your lettering needs, because of the size of the letters or readability in regards to visibility distance. Script fonts and block fonts, when designed properly, will look very appealing to the eye and will be read easily.

Our designers specifically suggest that if your lettering needs to be viewed from far away and easily read that you go with a block font. Block fonts are easily read and can be viewed from distances without complications. Block fonts are also normally thicker than script fonts, thus making them easier to cut, no matter what size lettering is ordered. Most block font letters can be as small as 3/4" and still be highly readable, whereas, script fonts that (if they can be cut at all) don't come across as well.

Script fonts are great for company names or information that needs a little bit more softer or dignified look. Script fonts are recommended for letters that measure over 2 inches in height, to be viewed without difficulty, and for better adhesion to the installation surface. Script fonts tend to be thin and have ornate ascendents and descenders that can be hard to read at small sizes. Also, thinner lettering, sometimes doesn't last as long because the thin letters have very little adhesive to effectively stay on their installation surface (especially when the surface will be cleaned or rubbed on a lot).

Utilizing a combination of both script and block fonts tends to be the best recipe for cut lettering advertising. That way you have some contrast between the information or message you are conveying. Although, using just block fonts or just script fonts, can work just as well (depending on the size and font choice). And again, when in doubt, as your sign specialist what they think would work best for your needs. They may be able to help steer you in the right direction, with font suggestions for your cut vinyl letters, and make sure your lettering is legible and attractive.

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