Fleet graphics pricing in a few easy steps.

Tips on how to obtain fleet graphics pricing for your fleet of vehicles.

3daybigOnce you've assembled your fleet vehicle brigade, be in just a few cars or dozens, you'll need to find a sign shop to produce graphics to apply to your fleet vehicles. The best place to start is by researching local sign companies. Utilizing a local sign company has many perks beginning with the fact that they can see your project all the way through from beginning to end...from design to print production to installation. But before you pick up that phone, or stop into your local sign shop, here are a few tips for obtaining accurate pricing.


This is a no-brainer, but the first step in pricing out fleet graphics, is to count up the vehicles you will be applying vehicle graphics too. Make a note if they are different makes and models as that will affect the next step of obtaining fleet graphics pricing.


Obtaining the correct measurements for your fleet graphics is a must to properly price any fleet vehicle quote. Whatever portions of your fleet vehicles will need graphics should be measured from top to bottom and then side to side, especially if your fleet vehicles are different makes and models. If you are working with a local sign company you can always drive in the vehicle(s) and have them measured out as well.


For accurate fleet graphics pricing most sign companies will require you to submit your artwork. Submitting the artwork helps to see the complexity of your fleet graphics. Simple graphics versus intricate graphics will price out differently. If you don't have any artwork and need help with artwork your sign company will need to figure in design fees as well.


Besides size, graphic style plays a huge role in fleet graphics pricing, which is helpful to know and understand when obtaining pricing. Submitting your artwork, for a fleet graphics quotation, usually determines the style of graphics thatt will be necessary. Most fleet graphics fall into a few different styles: cut vinyl lettering, numbering and/or logos; digital graphics with cut vinyl lettering; vehicle wraps or magnetic signs for non-permanent vehicle graphics. (See examples below.)

All these elements help determine fleet graphics pricing whether you utilize a local company or an out-of-state vendor. Another tip is to try and supply prospective sign companies with pictures of your fleet vehicles as well. This will help them be able to supply you with a visual proof that shows exactly how your fleet graphics will look upon installation and can eliminate graphic sizing issues that can sometimes arise.

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Samples of Fleet Graphic Styles:
truck barnone v helpusell1 vehicle bop Vehicle graphics hummer4hire

Cut Vinyl Lettering & Logos

Digital Graphics

Large Decals (Wraps):

Magnetic Signs:

Solid colored vinyl that is cut to
the shape of letters, numbers or company logos. Fairly inexpensive and long lasting, cut vinyl for fleet vehicles is great for the budget-minded.
Digitally printed custom graphics that can be paired with vinyl lettering and cut to shape This style is for fleet graphics that
have full color logos and artwork.
When you have box trucks or large vehicles that require extra large digital images your fleet vehicle graphics may require a partial wrap with large prints tiled together to create one continuous image. Some companies that continually lease vehicles and do not want to opt for permanent fleet graphics may want to utilize magnetic signs to properly identify their fleet vehicles.

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