5 things to look for when buying magnetic signs.

Factors when buying magnetic car signs

What to look for when buying magnetic signsSignage lies at the core of every marketing campaign. According to research conducted on the advertising industry, signs account for 50% of all advertising dollars paid, which translates to 100% of all other advertising revenues combined.

In other words, signs are big and the amount of money that goes into signage demonstrates this. Magnetic signs should be a factor when making advertising decisions.

But not all signs are created equal. Some signs, such as plastic signs, wilt in the sun and are adversely affected by the elements and worse still, are difficult to remove owing to the adhesives used. Other signs such as paint signs have their very own disadvantages such as inaccuracy, lack of crystal clear graphics and so on. Magnetic signs are a type of signs that are head and shoulder above these other signs so when you are going out magnetic sign buying, what should you look for?


Top of the list is quality. Quality magnetic signs are those that have a 100% magnetic surface and are made with strong enough magnetism to adhere to the vehicle in an even manner. Quality magnetic signs also have an appealing surface quality that blends well with the vehicle it is being put on.


The next thing to look for when going magnetic sign buying is creativity. Most advertising professionals will tell you a sign is only as good as the message on it and this is true. If the magnetic sign you are buying lacks creativity then you may rest assured your potential customers will not notice it.


Magnetic signs must also be durable and this ties in with the quality if the sign as it must be able to weather the elements and remain intact and fade resistant. Although maintenance has a part to play in the durability, a good magnetic sign for a car, truck or van should be made of at least .030 car magnetic sheeting and be able to last for 2 to 4 years.


Magnetic signs are usually paid for through business expenses and as such must be able to satisfy the management's expectations for allocated advertising funds. This means the cost of the magnetic signs must be within an affordable range that does not create an unnecessary expense burden on the business. Calculate the average cost of customer acquisition and then apply this to the cost of the sign coupled with other marketing and advertising initiatives to ascertain the price range you can afford.

Easy installation/ removal

Finally, the magnetic signs must be easy to install and remove. Magnetic signs have a fairly long life span but this is only possible if the signs are removed regularly, cleaned and re-installed. The process of removal and restoration must therefore be easy and damage-free to the surface being used. This ease of removal and restoration will also make it possible for you to do it yourself rather than have someone come along and do it.

If you are planning on magnetic sign buying, what to look for has to be well understood and appreciated in order to avoid any disappointment with any subsequent purchases.

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