White Ink Printing. Gerber Edge thermal printer

Gerber Edge printing. Thermal perinter delivers affordable white ink printing.

Gerber edge therrmal printer

Printing white ink sounds easy enough, right? Wrong! Most digitally based print shops can't print white ink because white is not necessarily a color. White is actually an absence of color and can't be digitally printed because, in essence, the white you are achieving on a digital print is actually from the white vinyl material that the artwork is being printed onto. Achieving a "white" print on clear is virtually impossible in the digital printing industry. Most white ink decals actually have to be printed on clear vinyl material and then "backed" with a layer of white material to give the appearance of white. There are, however, print shops that still utilize a specific printing machine, called a Gerber EdgeFX, that has the capabilities to print white ink decals onto clear vinyl material.

Quick Signs (OrangeCountySigns.com) is one such print shop that still uses a Gerber EdgeFX printer. The Gerber EdgeFX is a great machine that allows us to produce white ink printed decals on clear material, as well as, the ability to cut the printed decal to shape in mere seconds. This type of printing is usually only offered by print companies in high quantities, but we offer white ink decal printing in small runs ranging from 1 to 1,000, at an unbelievable price with great quality.

White ink decals are great for simple designs, as well as, more complex images that need to be printed instead of cut out of vinyl do-it-yourself lettering. White ink on clear decals are seen widely in the form of window graphics on vehicle windows, office doors or as home decorations. White on clear printing is also very popular for static cling prints when you need non-adhesive window products that can be used again and again when stored properly.

The Gerber EdgeFX print machine is able to achieve white prints, because it utilizes a thermal print transfer technology, that allows for a white foil-based cartridge to be inserted into the printer that is then transferred onto the clear vinyl material. This white ink printing technology also allows for other colors to be printed in conjunction with the white ink and can accommodate four color process print jobs also.

Quick Signs can produce white ink decals on both a standard or high performance clear vinyl material, that will also last much longer than any digital print ever could, since the actual ink is fused onto the material itself. Conventional digitally printed decals on white material with digital inks can fade in about 2 - 3 years (depending on exposure to sun.) An EdgeFX white ink decal will last upwards of 5 - 7 years and possibly more, because it does not utilize actual ink at all, it is a thermal infused color directly printed to the material itself.

The EdgeFX is truly a beautiful specimen in the print world, that can print and cut to shape white ink decals, and we're glad to be able too offer this white ink printing technology to our customers both near and far. For more information about our white ink decals, or decal printing and pricing in general, give our friendly crew here at Quick Signs a call today at (866) 267-4467.

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