Vinyl Application Tools of the Trade.

A vinyl application kit that will have you installing vinyl like a pro!

vinyl-lettering-scFor those of your out there interested in tackling a do-it-yourself installation of adhesive vinyl lettering, vehicle graphics or vinyl decals you'll need a little knowledge and a few key tools to be able to install your vinyl properly. So we've specifically put together a simple Vinyl Application Kit, that is affordable and will enhance and ease the vinyl installation process, by cutting down on costly installation errors that could occur. From the novice to the pro installer, utilizing proper vinyl application tools can mean the difference between a flawless vinyl installation or a completely botched job, that will require the purchase of new vinyl to finish your do-it-yourself vinyl project.

Below is a list of our key three key vinyl application tools, that we have compiled together in a handy Vinyl Application Kit, which can easily be added to any vinyl decal, vinyl lettering or vinyl graphics order purchased from our website or over the phone.


Application Fluid

Application fluid is a great vinyl installation tool that helps prep the surface for vinyl decals, vinyl lettering and vinyl graphics. In our vinyl application kit we include a 4 oz. spray bottle of our Apply Rite vinyl application fluid. This application fluid is sprayed lightly on the surface of your intended substrate (for example: vehicle door, plastic PVC piece, wall, window, aluminum piece, etc.) gently cleans the substrate and once the vinyl is installed helps it bond more easily with the surface. This vinyl application tool also helps the vinyl float until it is properly positioned. Vinyl application fluid also reduces bubbling and can be used in cold or warm conditions without incident. Utilizing this vinyl application tool, instead of soap and water or a completely dry application, greatly eases any do-it-yourself vinyl installation project and insures less application issues, bubbling and time spent on vinyl installation.



As simple as it sounds a squeegee is another key vinyl application tool that assists the vinyl installation process. Most people don't readily have a squeegee hanging around and end up using a credit card or something of that nature to install their vinyl decals, graphics and lettering. And while a credit card will work, and we often suggest it to our customers, having a professional squeegee on hand gives you a vinyl application tool that gives more pressure than a credit card so there is less chance of bubbling (and of bending your credit card); a proper squeegee also covers more surface space than a credit card for a quicker installation. And for our customers that purchase vinyl from us along with our vinyl application kit, the squeegee has our information on it, so if you run into a jam or need some vinyl installation advice  you can give us a quick call and our vinyl application and vinyl installation specialists can help you out on the spot.



When purchasing vinyl for self-installation having the two other vinyl installation tools listed above at your disposal is great, but having instructions on how to put them to use, is super important especially if this is your first do-it-yourself vinyl installation. Instructions, in print or via video, give you the knowledge on how to properly install your vinyl graphics purchase. Not following vinyl application instructions can severely damage your vinyl installation, resulting in having to purchase new vinyl to complete the project. When installing vinyl products it's always best to take your time and follow each instruction carefully for a flawless application that looks like it's been installed by a professional. The is why our vinyl application kit has a detailed set of instructions walking you through each step of how to install vinyl from beginning to end. And if you are not much for reading, and retain information in a more visual fashion, you can always view our "How To Apply Vinyl" video online, which details the same written vinyl application instructions that come with our vinyl application tool kit (The written instructions in the vinyl application kit also includes the link to our informative vinyl installation video for future reference.)

For information and pricing on do-it-yourself vinyl lettering, vinyl decals, or vinyl graphics , please give Quick Signs a call at (714) 573-9313.

And don't forget to inquire about our Vinyl Application Kit and the benefits of adding this handy, and inexpensive, assortment of products to help assist with your do-it-yourself vinyl lettering, decal or graphics project.

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