Rigid sign types and uses

What type of substrate is best for your rigid sign needs?

WhiteCap HangingSignWhen your banner and sign needs require your sign to be more rigid in nature so that it can either stand alone or not sag or bow when hung. Unlike digital vinyl banners or paper poster prints, which can't stand alone unless they are physically nailed, bolted, velcroed or glued to a hard surface, rigid signs are made by applying an adhesive digital decal print or cut vinyl directly to a rigid surface which gives the sign a more stable and static quality that can be used in a multitude of ways both indoors and outdoors.




Foamboard is a cheap and inexpensive substrate that is primarily used indoors for poster board presentations, POP and easel displays or basically for very temporary signage. Foamboard (also known as Foamcore) is very lightweight substrate that has a inner layer of polystyrene foam sandwiched in between coated paper on which adhesive prints can be adhered too. Foamboard signs are meant to be used indoors, because of the paper coating that houses the slightly rigid foam, which can be destroyed by rain or water damage of any sort. Foamboard also dents very easily because the semi-rigid foam core is still a bit malleable under pressure.



Corrugated plastic signs are also another cheap rigid sign alternative that can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Corrugated plastic is essentially the equivalent of cardboard but in plastic form. These rigid signs are weather proof and can be used outdoors for short periods of time and are viewed as temporary signage as well. Corrugated plastic signs allow for double-sided advertising which makes them great for yard signs for all sorts of different businesses, real estate or as directional signs for events, occasions, parking and more. And while not as easily dented as foamcore, coroplast (corrugated plastic), can dent or crack if stepped on or folded.




PVC is a great choice for signs that need to be outdoors for more than a month or two that also need rigidity. PVC is a little more expensive than corrugated plastic and foamboard, but still very inexpensive for a quality sign substrate that will withstand outdoor elements and last for a good long while. PVC (a.k.a. polyvinyl chloride) comes in a few different thicknesses for added rigidity. PVC signs are print receptive on either side of the material for single or double-sided advertising that works well when hung from an L-shaped real estate post or slid into a framed stake system. PVC signs are very popular for real estate signage.


aluminum-sign-blank sample


For the ultimate in rigid signage, that is still extremely affordable and long-lasting, aluminum can't be beat. Aluminum is the most rigid sign substrate we utilize besides MDO (a pressed wood substrate predominantly used for property signs and monument signs) and is highly recommended for signage that needs to be extremely strong, dependable and long-lasting. Aluminum signs can be a bit more pricey than the other substrates mentioned above, but the material will take a licking and keep on ticking. Aluminum signs are commonly used for construction signs, parking and regulatory signs and can easily be displayed or hung in a variety of ways.

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