Clear decals for personalized projects.

Using clear vinyl decals to customize personal objects.

glass lettering turtle


The picture that is featured as the sign of the day is a super creative personalized project that was fun to work on and looked amazing upon completion. Our client brought in a picture that his young daughter had hand-drawn. His idea was to incorporate a poem she also penned, to further personalize this particular piece, without taking away from the beautifully matted picture and frame. What we came up with was to use a clear vinyl decal material, which is see-through in nature, so that the undelying picture area would still visible.

glass lettering turtle

Next we chose white ink decal printing so that the text of the poem would show up nicely against the backdrop of the framing. White ink printing on clear vinyl would render the text to be legible when viewing the picture up close.

Now, this project could have also been customized with cut vinyl lettering, but unfortunately the text on the poem was way to small to be cut-to-shape. When lettering falls below a certain size, the machine used to cut the letters, will actually begin to shred the vinyl because it is to tiny to cut. So printing a clear decal was the obvious alternative to complete this personalized sign project.

And while the clear vinyl decal material used in customizing this project is see through, our design experts deemed that cutting out the center of the clear decal, would enhance this piece. By eliminating, or cutting out, the center of the clear decal the actual turtle picture below kept it's integrity which lends to a more fluid and custom flair for this particular piece.

The reasoning behind this decal design decision, to cut out the center of the clear decal, was to eliminate any chance of bubbles becoming an issue in viewing the picture underneath the glass. Sometimes clear decal applications on glass, can incur tiny little air pockets (bubble) getting trapped underneath the vinyl, that would be noticeable to the naked eye when viewed closely.

Needless to say, our client was very pleased with the customization of his daughters portrait, and said that it "turned out so much better than he had initially imagined." And this "sign of the day" is just one of thousands of ways that clear vinyl decals can be used to personalize objects or projects around your home or office. Clear decals or clear labels give you a painted on look that is super affordable and easy to install for the DIY crowd as well.

When your decal needs require a little transparency then consider clear vinyl decals. Clear decals give you the option of viewing the surface underneath with either spot color printing, white ink printing or digital printing choices. We produce clear decals can be printed in large format or small format sizes without any minimums. We also employ a fantastic design team that help

For clear decal or white ink printing questions or pricing, please give us a call at (866) 267-4467, we're here to help you achieve your custom decal needs!

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