Window Graphics and Application Methods.

Window Graphics: What's Tint Got To Do With It?

custom window graphics

Window graphics are a great asset for advertising, as well as for identification, and come in many shapes and forms (square or custom cut window decals, vinyl window letters, static cling decals, etc.) Most window graphics are comprised of either digitally printed adhesive vinyl decals, or a combination of digital prints and cut vinyl lettering (pre-spaced adhesive vinyl letters).

The standard application process is to adhere the graphics, decals or letters to the outside of the window surface for nice clean viewing with colors that pop. Window graphics can be produced as "reverse-printed" for inside applications, and while they may look great on some windows, they lose vibrancy on others.

How the tint factor can affect your window graphics.

Almost every storefront window or vehicle window, produced these days, has some level of tint built into it. Now some tinting is very slight, prompting most people to think, that their windows aren't tinted; while other windows, have a very heavy tint, that is extremely noticeable. When deciding which application method best suites your needs, outside vs. inside, please keep in mind that the amount of tint on your window may affect the viability and vibrancy of your window graphics.

Now you see me...Now you don't!


outside window graphics installation

This is the preferred application method, for window graphics, because of the ease of application and also the level of vibrancy of the print on any level of tinted window. Most people worry that applying the window graphics on the outside of the window may cause them to fade faster. Adding lamination to the digital prints will help preserve and protect the print from the elements and standard cleanings for up to 3 years and possibly more. As for cut vinyl letters and graphics, depending on the type of vinyl chosen, the lettering will last 5 - 7 years, or more, depending on vinyl color choice (some colors like red tend to fade quicker than normal.)



Inside applications of window graphics pose a few problems, one of which is the muting of the color of the print, depending on the amount of tint on the window. Even if your window is slightly tinted, your print may not display as vibrantly, as it would be if applied on the outside of the window. Windows that are heavily tinted may completely obscure your graphics and make them almost impossible to see and read. It is almost always better to install on the outside of the glass as compared to the inside. The only real necessity, for installing your window graphics on the inside facing out, is to protect your graphics in areas that experience high levels of vandalism.

Ultimately, window graphics are an investment, that require a bit of thought before purchasing. Besides determining the design and size of your window graphics, gauging the level of tint on your display window, helps in making the proper decision for your installation method. Before deciding on your application method, do a quick tint test, by printing a full color image and applying it to the inside of the window with tape. If your print doesn't lose a lot of vibrancy, then it is safe to choose an inside application; if the windows completely mute your print, then it is best to stick with the standard outside application, even if you do experience vandalism in your area.


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