Foam letters for extended outdoor use.Exterior foam letter quote

High density foam letters for outdoor dimensional signs.

foam-letter-with-acrylic-faceSimilar to our standard outdoor 2 lb. density foam letters, yet more durable, our exterior foam letters are produced using a 10 lb. density foam that is coated in a high density urethane paint to resist moisture and rotting. These exterior foam signs are a great alternative to outdoor metal letters cost-wise, as they can simulate the same thickness as metal letters, but at a fraction of the price. You can also opt to encase your exterior foam in acrylic to simulate very deep plastic letters , which is also lower in pricing, yet yeilds a very tough letter for a cheaper cost . Exterior foam letters are a very economical outdoor dimensional letter option that gives you a more expensive look that can be used outdoors for many years, without having to spend extra dollars. Our heavy-duty outdoor foam letters are available in thicknesses ranging from 1” to 3".

Our exterior foam display letters are durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions because they are painted with a high density urethane coating. These HDU pieces can then be painted with a layer of high quality outdoor paint, available in just about any color imaginable, or fitted with metal or plastic laminated faces and returns. Choosing to laminate your exterior foam letter affords you two options: "face only" laminates that adhere to the front of the foam letters; or a "face and return system" that encases the high density foam letter within a thin, yet durable layer of metal or plastic on the face and sides (returns) of the letter, creating an extra barrier of protection against the elements for outdoor display.

Sturdy and light weight, all our outdoor foam letters, are a great buy when you are looking for quality exterior dimensional letters at affordable prices. Spending extra money for thick metal or plastic letters, is not necessary with our exterior foam letters, which can simulate the look of fabricated metal or plastic lettering without any of the cost.

Foam Letter Choices:

Interior Foam LettersInterior/Exterior Foam Letters

Extended Use Outdoor Foam

Painted foam letter Metal and plastic face foam letters   Exterior foam lettering
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- Sturdy GatorFoam for interior use only.
- Lots of standard custom color choices.
- Laminated face options in metal or plastic.
- Thickness range of 1/2" - 2".

- Durable 2lb. foam for interior/exterior use.
- Standard & custom color paint options.
- 19 metal  & 25 plastic laminate choices.
- Thickness range from 1" - 3".
- High density urethane paint-coated foam.
- Moisture resistant for extended outdoor use.
- Tons of size, color and laminate choices.
- Thickness range from 1/2" - 3"

For more information on our high density Exterior foam letters, give our sign lettering experts a call.

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