Displaying & Storing Banners

Tips on proper banner display and storage

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: The following information is provided for displaying your banner safety and securely and for storing your banner when not in use that will help maximize the longevity of your purchase. Failure to properly hang a banner correctly can result in damage to your banner.


  • SOLID SURFACE: When mounting against a solid surface (buildings, walls, wood, aluminum, etc.) make sure to use a screw with a washer and secure EACH grommet point on the banner.
  • CHAIN LINK FENCE: When attaching your banner to a chain-link fence you can use plastic zip-ties or "S" hooks, which can be found at most do-it-yourself home centers. Again, you'll want to utilize ALL GROMMET POINTS  for proper banner installation to distribute weight and eliminate sagging.
  • BETWEEN TWO POLES: When hanging a banner between two poles or trees you'll need to lace rope through all the grommet points on both the top and bottom of the banner and then tie it off at all four corners. This helps distribute the weight of the banner evenly and eliminates sagging banners.
  • POLE BANNERS: Pole banners have "sleeves" or "pockets" at the top and bottom of the banner that allow the banner to slide onto existing or purchased pole systems easily. It's important to know the exact pole size the banners will need to accommodate for a proper fit.
  • WIND BANNERS: Fabric wind banners have "sleeves" similar to pole banners that are threaded onto pole systems for indoor or outdoor use that attach to a standard base, water base or stake system.


  • VINYL BANNERS: To clean a vinyl banner you will want to use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Once you have cleaned the banner make sure to wipe it dry with a soft cloth and be sure it is completely dry before storing.


  • SAVE THE BOX: Your banner will arrive in a box that fits your banner and is the perfect vessel for storing your banner.
  • NEVER FOLD A BANNER: You always want to ROLL UP your banner for storage as folding the banner will cause permanent creases.

VINYL LETTERED BANNERS: Roll with the text facing outwards.
DIGITAL PRINT BANNERS: Roll with the printed side facing inwards.

If you have any further questions about proper banner display, storage and banner care, please contact us at: (866) 267-4467 or (714) 573-9313.

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