Over-the-Street Banner Specifications

Street banners and possible city requirements.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Most all cities have specific over-the-street banner specifications that the banner will have to meet before being allowed to be hung publicly. Please check with your City Zoning Department before ordering any Street or Road Banners. (Below is a printed sample of the City of Orange Street Banner Specifications.)

banner specifications orange 3BANNER VINYL MATERIAL:

Most over-the-street banners must be printed on vinyl banner material that carries a weight of 16 ounces. Typical standard banners are usually printed on 10 oz. or 13 oz. material. So you will need to make sure that your street banner is printed on properly weight vinyl banner material.


Since over-the-street banners are hung between two unattached objects your city might require reinforced corners to help make the edges of the banner stronger. Reinforced corners add extra durability to the corner grommets (brass eyelets punched into the banner for hanging). Street banners can endure a lot of stress at the corners because they are not secured against a surface and they tend to sway a bit more in the wind.


Another requirement that is common is that an over-the-street banner needs to have rope sewn into top and bottom hems of the banner. The sewn-in rope will almost always need to extend a certain amount of feet from all four edges of the banner. The sewn-in rope is used to tie off the banner to whatever free-standing objects the banner will be hung between.


Some over-the-street banners will have specific snap hook requirements as well. Snap hooks are additional hardware that can either be threaded through the grommets or sewn into the banner with webbing. Snap hooks are specifically designed to snap onto wire or cabling systems for the banner to hang from. A wire or cable system adds more stability to the banner installation and also helps to better distribute the weight of the banner evenly.


Again, this varies from city to city, but wind slits are one specific requirement that some cities deem necessary to make the banner more aerodynamic. Wind slits are semi-circle incisions made into the banner material creating a flap. This flap allows air to flow through the banner easier thus reducing some stress that the banner may incur from the windy conditions it might endure.

If you have any further questions about possible over-the-street banner requirements, or street banner pricing, please contact us at: (866) 267-4467 or (714) 573-9313.

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