Vinyl Banner Finishing

Vinyl banner finishing styles and options.

All digitally printed vinyl banners have specific finishing options to complete the banner. You need to consider how the banner will be used and hung when choosing a vinyl banner finishing option. Below you will find different vinyl banner finishing styles and a brief description of their relevance to specific banner types. If you are in doubt, about which finishing style would work best for your specific needs, please feel free to give our banner specialists a call at (714) 573-9313 for clarification.

grommet corner

Straight Cut Edge with Grommets

This is our standard finishing style for our Regular XLT and Non-Rip Vinyl Banners (all banners under 52" will have this standard finishing unless otherwise requested). Our banners are printed and cut to shape, with straight cut edges, on a non-fray vinyl banner material. The banners are then grommeted with metal brass rings in each corner. The grommets allow for the banner to be hung in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors. For banners measuring over 6' ft. in length, we highly suggest, outfitting your custom banner with extra grommets to properly distribute the weight of the banner.

grommet hemStitched Hems with Grommets

This is the standard finishing style for all our Dura-Tuf Over-sized Vinyl Banners or any banner that measures over 52" in height. The particular banner finish is achieved by printing the banner image onto a larger piece of vinyl banner material and then flipping the extra material over, and stitching it to the back of the banner, creating a hem. Grommets are then placed around the banner at about 2' ft. to 2.5' ft. increments on all sides of the banner for proper installation.

Pole-pocketPole Pockets / Pole Sleeves / Sleeved Banners

This type of banner finish is used when you are in need of a banner that slides onto a pole. The actual banner will have extra material at the top and bottom or sides (or a combination thereof) that is folded over and stitched to create a open "sleeve" so that the banner can easily slide onto pole systems. Since the nature of the sleeve requires extra material, to create the pole pocket, you will need to know the diameter of the pole(s) that the sleeves will need to be created for. Please specify whether the banner will be single-sided or double-sided when ordering.

single sided bannerSingle-Sided Banners

This is the most common banner finish style on the market for digital banner printing. Single-sided banners are digitally printed onto vinyl banner materials and only have a graphic on one side of the banner, leaving the back of the banner blank. Single-sided banners are predominantly hung or displayed, in a front-facing fashion, to catch the attention of passer's-by or the intended demographic of it's advertising context.

double-sided bannerDouble-Sided Banners

Double-sided banners have digital images on each side of the banner and can have the same design on both or have contrasting information that caters to the direction of which way the banner will be viewed (coming or going). Most double-sided banners are actually two digital prints that are sewn together with a piece of block-out material in the middle to eliminate the image from the other side being able to be viewed. We do also offer a double-sided banner option that is printed onto both sides of a 20 oz. vinyl banner material.

over-the-street bannerReinforced Corners, Webbing, Snap Hooks & Rope (Over-the-Street)

The above mentioned finishing options are mainly reserved for extra-large over-the-street road banners, that require special finishing requirements, to make them secure enough to hang between two unattached structures (poles, buildings, etc.) Reinforced corners and webbing help to make the banner more sturdy for extended outdoor use; while snap-hooks (sewn-in or free-standing) are used to suspend the banner from existing steel cables. Rope can also be sewn into the banner that extends off the top corners to tie off the banner to reduce shifting.

straight cut edgeNo Grommets

This option is rarely used, but in the case your banner doesn't require grommets, this is a viable option for banner finishing for our Standard and Non-Rip vinyl banners as well as our extra-large stitched hem banners. Most non-grommeted banners are used for display on a table or mounted to a surface with double-sided banner tape or a velcro hook & loop system. But, since banners can be used in a variety of ways, we do suggest some form of grommeting so that your banner can maintain a multi-functional use.

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