File Format Guide For Sign Making

For our sign making software, we accept the following file formats:


File Extensions Description/Program Used


Adobe Illustrator is a drawing based graphic software program utilized to design and create VECTOR files.


Encapsulated Postscript: An .eps file contains postscript codes, which are used for storing font and vector image information. Vector images are usually files created in Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW. EPS files can also include raster images.


Call Detail Record: This file format is generated by the CorelDRAW vector based program.


Tagged Image File Format: A format to save and store high-resolution graphic images.

.jpg or .jpeg

The industry standard cross platform format for compressing and storing photographic image files.


Photoshop document from the Adobe Systems allowing a file to keep it's native layers of text, images and shading allowing the file to be editable until flattened.


InDesign Document from Adobe Systems allowing VECTOR based file output


Portable Document Format from Adobe that can be VECTOR or RASTER based depending on what native program the document was created in (i.e. Photoshop, Illustrator, CoreDRAW, etc.) PDF documents can be viewed and output independent of the application they were created in.



Facts about Raster Images

  • Raster images are made up of colored dots (pixels) in a grid
  • Also known as bitmap images
  • Resizing can affect image quality - resolution dependent
  • All digital images and scanned images are raster
  • Raster images CANNOT be cut to shape (die-cut)
  • Saved files can be very large


Facts about Vector Images

  • Vector Images are made up of individual components of lines and shapes with different attributes.
  • Image resizing does not affect image quality - resolution independent
  • Saved files tend to be relatively small in size
  • Not suitable for photo reproduction
  • Fonts are outlined vector objects
  • Vector files can be cut to shape (die-cut)

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