Can magnetic signs be left on through a car wash?

Magnetic signs need to be removed before entering a car wash!

Magnetic signs are manufactured to be durable enough for mobile advertising and to also weather the elements for years and years and years but they are not made to go through automatic car wash machinery. Our magnetic signs are printed utilizing eco-solvent fade resistant inks and then laminated to further protect the magnetic sign. This laminate helps guard the magnetic sign from minor scratches and abrasions that can occur out on the road. But weather proof and protecting the magnetic signs with a laminate doesn't translate into putting them "through the ringer" so to speak.

Car washes and magnetic signs just don't mix...period! All those bristles and brushes that so lovingly wash your vehicle can spell disaster for your magnetic signs. And not to mention the harsh cleaning chemicals, high pressure water systems and industrial strength blowers and your magnetic signs don't stand a chance. Now, not to say that magnetic signs wouldn't survive a trip through the local car wash but we don't advise that you try and find out any time soon. Simply remove your magnetic signs before the car wash and put them back on after.

But if you are washing your car you may want to give your magnetic signs a quick cleaning as well. Moisture and dirt can buildup between the magnetic sign, and the metal surface of your vehicle, which could lead to the loss of your magnetic sign while driving. When dirt and debris accumulate on the back of a magnetic sign it interferes with the magnetic signs adhesion qualities. A simple weekly cleaning of the magnetic sign surface with soap and water will eliminate this issue. Use a soft cloth when cleaning your magnetic sign and make sure you allow the magnetic sign to air dry before attaching to your vehicle. If you are cleaning your magnetic sign in between car washes, make sure to gently wipe down the vehicle with a soft cloth as well to get rid of any dirt or debris on the metal surface as well.

And for those of you who like to power-wash your own vehicles...again, take pity on your magnetic signs and remove them before you wash the vehicle. Magnetic signs can take a fair amount of abuse, but car washes and power washing, should be avoided at all costs.

If you are interested in vehicle signage that can endure power washes and car washes see our "Vehicle Graphics" page for permanent vehicle lettering, vehicle decals and partial vehicle wrap information and pricing.

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