Do magnetic signs come in standard sizes?

Yes and No. It all depends on the customer and what their magnetic sign needs are.

Truly there is "no" standard size for magnetic signs since we are a custom sign shop. Every vehicle make and model are fairly unique and may have added features like reverse molding, raised pin-stripping, concaved body contours, etc. We do, however, offer some popular sizes that we have found work for most small compact car (10" h x 18" w), medium car (11" h x 20" w) and large car (12" h x 24" w) doors. And although you may order these basic sizes, don't forget that all our vehicle magnetic signs are custom made and can be made to any size you need not exceeding 24" in height.

The key to ordering a magnetic sign size that will properly fit your vehicle in every way to is to measure out the available space on the particular portion of the vehicle you will be adhering the magnetic signs too. This goes for all car doors, truck bodies, van sliding doors, etc. Any spot where a magnetic sign will go should be measured out for complete accuracy. For instance, if you are ordering magnetic signs for your truck doors and tailgate, don't just jump the gun and order three 12" x 24" magnetic signs thinking that the magnetic sign intended to be placed on your tailgate will fit exactly like the magnetic door signs. Tailgates can have obstructions that may not be found on the vehicle door and need to be taken into consideration. If you have a smaller tailgate area, make sure to order a smaller sign to properly fit that area.

For van and truck owners, interested in magnetic sign advertising, remember that these particular vehicles have many more open spots available for magnetic signs like tailgate magnetic signs, utility door magnetic signs, sliding door magnetic signs or truck body magnetic signs. And again, like regular vehicles, the available space will be dependent on your particular vehicle. Make sure to measure out your available space before ordering a sign based on any of our popular sizes.

At the end of the day though, we are a custom sign shop, so whatever your magnetic sign needs are...big or small...we'll get you covered!

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