Will magnetic signs only stick to vehicles?

If the surface is metal, a magnetic sign will stick to it.

Magnetic signs are metal receptive in nature and will stick to any surface that is metal. So in all actuality you can utilize a magnetic sign in lots of different places besides on your vehicle. Some popular metal items that are magnetic receptive or refrigerators, tool storage units, metal cabinetry, machinery and metal doors. If the metal surface of your choice has rust or paint that is flaking or chipping you might want to steer clear of placing your magnetic sign on that particular spot.

And while aluminum has the look of metal, it is not a magnetic receptive surface, and will not hold a magnetic sign. A lot of customers try and purchase magnetic signs to place on tractor trailers, box trucks and the like, thinking that the surfaces are completely metal. Those types of vehicles utilize aluminum siding because it is durable and light weight. This rule applies to aluminum signs as well. If you have an aluminum sign and want to place a magnetic sign on it, it will slip right off.

Another common question we get is if our magnetic signs will stick to a bumper? More often than not, unless you have a vehicle with a solid metal bumper, magnetic signs are not the product of choice for any bumper advertising. If you want to display information on your bumper you'll need to look into adhesive bumper stickers, decals or vinyl lettering depending on your advertising needs. But in the case that your bumper is metal, and magnetic receptive, make sure the surface is flat or else you run the risk of losing your magnetic sign when the vehicle is in motion.

Other non-magnetic receptive surfaces include fiberglass, glass, acrylic, PVC or any metal surfaces that have been repaired with bondo. It's always best to test the surface for magnetic receptivity. You can do this by grabbing a normal refrigerator magnet and placing on the surface of where you'd like to place your magnetic sign (make sure to test the whole surface area.) If the refrigerator magnet sticks to your intended surface, then our magnetic signs will stick to the surface.

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