Do magnetic signs stick to all vehicles?

In most cases, yes. But, there are some exceptions.

There are a few specific cars and trucks that magnetic signs will not adhere to because the body of the vehicle is not completely metal. If the car is all metal though, there should be no problem with adhesion. But some cars, trucks or other vehicles for example, Corvettes, due to their body make being composed of fiberglass and/or low amounts of metal in the doors, will not accept magnetic signs. Also be wary of buying magnetic signs for trailers that are made out of aluminum and the like. Magnetic signs will NOT stick to aluminum surfaces. See below for a quick tip to test for magnetic sign receptivity on your vehicle.

There are also situations where there has been bodywork done on the car, bondo or other automotive body repair items, that will make the door no longer magnetic receptive. However, there is a simple way to check if your vehicle door will accept a magnetic. Simply find a magnet that sticks to a metal surface, for example, a washing machine, file cabinet or refrigerator door and place it on your vehicle doors (or the area where your magnetic sign will be). If the magnet sticks well to the car, and doesn't fall immediately off, our magnetic signs should stick well to your car. If the magnet doesn't stick to the vehicle that means that it's not magnetic receptive and you might have to look into purchasing a more permanent style of mobile advertising in the form of adhesive vehicle graphics.

Also, once you purchase your magnetic signs, remember to store them and clean them properly to ensure that they keep adhering to your vehicle for years to come. Improper maintenance can cause impaired adhesion eventually leading to your magnetic signs falling off your vehicle. Please see our Magnetic Sign Care & Installation page for more information.

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