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General Questions and Answers:

The questions below, about decals and lettering, are commonly asked by our clients and customers. If you have any other questions or would like to speak with a decal and lettering specialist, please feel free to call (714) 573-9313 or (866) 267-4467.

  • How do I apply vinyl lettering and decals? +

    For the do-it-yourselfer, installing vinyl lettering and decals, is easy! Applying vinyl lettering and graphics is a relatively easy process for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts. However, some vinyl applications are much easier than others. Simple vinyl lettering like DOT Numbers, Boat Read More
  • What is computer cut and die-cut vinyl? +

    Computer cut vinyl & die cut vinyl is adhesive vinyl cut to shape. The method of which the vinyl is cut is either referred to as computer cut vinyl, which is cut using a knife blade plotter, or die cut Read More
  • What is the difference between intermediate and high performance vinyl? +

    High performance vinyl and intermediate vinyl are quite different. The main differences between high performance vinyl and intermediate vinyl is that high performance is thinner, lasts longer, conforms to uneven surfaces better, shrinks less, is available in more colors, is Read More
  • What will my vinyl lettering look like upon arrival? +

    Cut vinyl lettering is comprised of three pieces. Vinyl lettering is sold pre-spaced and ready to apply. So essentially as soon as your cut vinyl lettering arrives you'll be able to install it immediately. When cut vinyl lettering is applied Read More
  • What kind of file do I need to supply for cut vinyl lettering? +

    Cut vinyl lettering is cut-to-shape and requires a special file format to produce that effect. Cut vinyl lettering is comprised of letters, numbers or shapes that are cut to the actual outline of the character with the remaining vinyl material Read More
  • What size vinyl lettering is best? +

    Determining the size of your vinyl lettering is decided by a few factors. Cut vinyl lettering is very popular these days and can be used for lots of different lettering projects. Before you set off about ordering custom cut vinyl Read More
  • How is vinyl lettering pricing determined? +

    Vinyl letter pricing involves sizes, characters and quantities. Vinyl lettering is a very popular do-it-yourself decal option that is fairly inexpensive and versatile as well. Vinyl lettering can be installed onto any smooth, non-porous surface for a semi-permanent lettering alternative Read More
  • Are decals, stickers and graphics the same? +

    These decal terms are fairly synonymous in nature. Technically decals, stickers and graphics are all terms that can be used to describe an adhesive backed product that will be stuck onto a surface to inform, advertise, personalize, identify, market or Read More
  • Can decals or lettering be installed "inside glass"? +

    Yes. We have the capability to produce "inside glass" products. Every decal and lettering order that is placed is automatically produced for an "outside glass" application. What an "outside glass" application means is that the decal or lettering will have Read More
  • Will a decal damage the surface it's applied to? +

    Nine times out of 10, the answer is no, decals will not damage the surface. Although decals are adhesive in nature, they are manufactured with the knowledge that they will be adhered to delicate surfaces, which eventually will need to Read More
  • Can I order custom cut decals? +

    Yes. We offer custom cut decal options to fit your needs. When it comes to custom cut decals there are many ways to describe the cut-to-shape style that you are looking for. Most people refer to custom cut decals as Read More
  • Is vinyl lettering printed or cut? +

    We can print or cut...depending on your vinyl lettering needs. Here are Quick Signs we have the technology to do both printed lettering and cut lettering. Technically though, both products end up with the same finished result, individually cut lettering Read More
  • Are decals removable? +

    Absolutely. While decals are permanent they are also removable. Decals, labels and stickers are all intended for either short term or long term use to stick onto a variety of surfaces, for a multitude of different uses from personal projects Read More
  • What is vinyl weeding? +

    Weeding is a term used to describe a step in cut vinyl production. Weeding is the plain and simple act of removing all the excess material from any decal, sticker, lettering or graphics that are cut-to-shape. Weeding is an integral Read More
  • Are decals permanent? +

    To a certain extent...yes; but on the other Adhesive decals, for all intensive purposes, are meant to be used in a permanent fashion. So yes, relatively speaking, decals are a permanent form of branding. Decals have an adhesive backing Read More
  • Are certain vinyl letter colors better than others? +

    Yes, but that all depends on your vinyl lettering needs. Cut vinyl lettering comes in an array of different colors in both intermediate (standard) vinyl and high performance (premium) vinyl. Choosing a vinyl letter color (or colors) for you vinyl Read More
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