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General Questions and Answers:

These are some of the more common questions our customers ask when it comes to magnetic signs. If you have any other questions or would like to speak with a magnetic sign specialist, please feel free to call (714) 573-9313 or (866) 267-4467.

  • Will my magnetic sign fly off my vehicle? +

    For the most part no...but there are exceptions to that rule when magnetic signs are not installed properly. If your magnetic sign is maintained and installed properly, then the risk factor of losing a magnetic sign is fairly non-existent, at Read More
  • Can you help me with my magnetic sign layout? +

    Yes! We can help with your magnetic sign design. Keep in mind, that if you are getting a price on magnetic signs from our magnetic sign calculator pages, the calculator pricing on our site is based on “print ready” artwork. Read More
  • Can I add logos or graphics to my magnetic sign? +

    Logos, graphics, photographs...No Problem! If you can print it on your desktop printer, we can print it on a magnetic sign. Simply send us your file and we'll take a look at it and review the file for FREE. Our Read More
  • Prices: Are your magnetic sign prices competitive? +

    Yes, Our prices on our magnetic signs are very competitive! When comparing prices of magnetic signs between companies make sure that you are comparing identical magnetic signs products. Not all magnetic sign companies make car magnets the same. In fact Read More
  • How fast do you make magnetic signs? +

    How fast do you need your magnetic signs? The turn around time for magnetic signs depends on the order itself. In all cases we get the job done as fast as possible. For an average job, the turn around time Read More
  • Will your magnetic signs stick to all vehicles? +

    In most cases, yes. But, there are some exceptions. There are a few specific cars and trucks that magnetic signs will not adhere to because the body of the vehicle is not completely metal. If the car is all metal Read More
  • Are magnetic signs weather proof? +

    Yes! With proper maintenance, our magnetic signs are made for all types of weather? Most all magnetic signs should automatically be weather proof as they are made to used outdoors on vehicles. We use only 100% American made 30 mil. Read More
  • Is there a standard size for magnetic signs? +

    Yes and No. It all depends on the customer and what their magnetic sign needs are. Truly there is "no" standard size for magnetic signs since we are a custom sign shop. Every vehicle make and model are fairly unique Read More
  • Why are rounded corners a better choice? +

    First and foremost rounded corners extend the life of your magnetic signs. We have been in the magnetic sign business for 25+ years and have found that when it comes to the corner finishing, of these particular vehicle signs, that Read More
  • How long will my magnetic signs last? +

    Our magnetic signs are very durable and long lasting. Not all magnetic signs are the same. When shopping for magnetic signs, make sure to compare product to product to make sure you are getting a top quality magnetic sign. We Read More
  • Can magnetic signs adhere to other surfaces besides vehicles? +

    If the surface is metal, a magnetic sign will stick to it. Magnetic signs are metal receptive in nature and will stick to any surface that is metal. So in all actuality you can utilize a magnetic sign in lots Read More
  • Do your magnetic signs have a warranty? +

    We guarantee you will receive a high-quality magnetic sign. And we guarantee that you will love your magnetic signs! We produce very high quality magnetic signs that will look great and last for a good long time with proper care Read More
  • Do magnetic signs cause paint damage? +

    Not if you install them properly and keep them clean. Magnetic signs are intended to be used as temporary and/or removable mobile advertising and are manufactured to not cause any damage to your vehicle's paint job. The magnetic receptive side Read More
  • Do you sell blank magnetic signs or reflective magnetic signs? +

    Yes, we sell both blank magnetic signs and reflective magnetic signs. Since we specialize in producing magnetic signs for mobile advertising we have lots of magnetic material on hand at any given time. If you are in need of blank Read More
  • Are magnetic signs car wash safe? +

    Magnetic signs need to be removed before entering a car wash! Magnetic signs are manufactured to be durable enough for mobile advertising and to also weather the elements for years and years and years but they are not made to Read More
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