Affordable, high-quality magnetic sign pricing

Yes, Our prices on our magnetic signs are very competitive!

When comparing prices of magnetic signs between companies make sure that you are comparing identical magnetic signs products. Not all magnetic sign companies make car magnets the same. In fact many sign companies use inferior products. Compare our magnetic signs with theirs, then make your decision:

We Offer:

  • 100% American made. 100% Magnetic surface. A few years ago there was an inferior magnetic product widely sold, made in China, that after only a few weeks on the vehicle, the magnetic permanently bonded with the surface of the car, making the magnetic sign impossible to remove from the vehicle without damaging the car paint.
  • Made of durable 30 mil. car magnetic sheeting. To prevent blow-offs use only 30 mil. thickness for all vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, etc.)
  • Duracoat lamination - added durability & UV protection. Our magnetic signs have an additional layer of protection by applying an overcoat lamination. This not only helps with abrasion, but also adds additional life to our already long lasting UV resistant inks.
  • Long lasting, slow fade - 2 to 4 years lifespan (highest in the industry).
  • Install ready: Easy to install and remove for a non-permanent advertising solution.
  • 25+ years experience. Nothing beats experience! We've been making car and truck vehicle magnets for over 20 years.
  • Design help services: In house designers to help you and advise you on getting the right look for your magnet signs.

Some consumers say that they are only interested in prices so they are willing to settle for a cheaper car magnet. The problem with cheap magnetic signs is that you are placing them on an expensive product - your car!

When comparing our magnetic signs with other sign shop magnetic signs, you need to make sure that you compare equally. It's easy to make a cheap product. Any sign shop can cut corners and sell you a cheap product. To get the best product for the best price, you'll need to make sure that you are comparing similar products.

More info and questions to ask:

  • What is the magnetic sign thickness? Magnetic signs for cars, trucks and vans should be a minimum of 30 mil (.030"). Magnetic sheeting varies from thin business card magnetic (10 mil) to vehicle grade magnetic material (30 mil.) We only use 30 mil. magnetic material.
  • Is the vehicle magnetic sheeting made in the United States? There is nothing wrong with foreign manufactures of magnetic material, but there have been problems with foreign made magnetic sheeting in the past. Using cheap magnetic signs on an expensive car could be risky. We use only American made magnetic sheeting produced in the United States.
  • What inks are used to print the magnetic signs? The method of printing is directly related to the longevity of your signs. There are several ways to produce magnetic signs...stick on vinyl lettering; offset printing; water base inkjet; thermal resin printing; solvent base digital printing, to name a few. We use thermal resin printing for spot color printing and solvent based inks for our full color printed magnetic signs.
  • Does the magnetic sign have a protective facing? Many companies will cut corners by not protecting the surface of the magnetic sign. We add a clear vinyl lamination to our magnetic signs assuring a long lasting, clean, bright look.
  • Are your artwork files reviewed by a graphic artist for quality before the magnetic sign is printed? Some magnetic sign companies receive a file from a customer and print the file "as is".  Our graphic artists, open all files, check for issues that could affect the final printed product. We verify sizing issues, resolution issues, readability, color issues and make sure that the finished magnetic sign will meet your needs.

So are our prices competitive? When comparing magnetic signs to magnetic signs, we believe our prices are equal to the lowest prices in the industry. Our goal is to produce high quality magnetic signs at affordable prices....a good value for your dollar!

The bottom line is, if you find the same product at a lower price, we should be able to match or beat the price. If we can't match or beat the price, we'll tell you up front if you're getting a good price on the sign. We know that we can't get every sale, but give us a shot at it, and you won't be disappointed with the final product!

Need Magnetic Sign Help? Call our magnetic sign specialists: 714-573-9313

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