How is vinyl lettering priced?

Vinyl letter pricing involves sizes, characters and quantities.

Vinyl lettering is a very popular do-it-yourself decal option that is fairly inexpensive and versatile as well. Vinyl lettering can be installed onto any smooth, non-porous surface for a semi-permanent lettering alternative to paint or standard print decals. Vinyl lettering is actually letters that are cut out to shape and can be ordered in a variety of sizes and at quantities ranging from one cut vinyl decal to hundreds to thousands of cut vinyl decals.

Vinyl lettering can be as simple as one line of text that reads "FOR SALE" that can be applied to your vehicle or as extensive as multiple lines of text stating your company mission or object to emblazon the lobby area. This is where character counts come into vinyl letter pricing. When you need to price your vinyl lettering you'll need to count up the entire number of characters that comprise the text (or numbers) you need cut out of vinyl. If you are doing a large cut vinyl quantity order make sure to give us a call for discounted vinyl letter pricing.

Next up is letter size for vinyl letter pricing. Once you have a total character count you'll need to size your lettering. If you are unsure on what size your lettering needs to be, or can be for that matter, we have plenty of information on a corresponding decal and lettering FAQ page that discusses "How to size your vinyl lettering".

Once you have decided upon a vinyl letter size...some simple math is next on the horizon, to figure out your total vinyl letter pricing charge. Our "Vinyl Letter Pricing Page" has is broken down into sections that involve vinyl materials and letter sizes. Under each vinyl material column there is a corresponding letter height that has an allotted per character price. (For example: A premium vinyl 3" letter costs $ 0.83 for each character.) So now you multiple the number of characters times the price of the letter size of your chosen vinyl material. (Example: 70 characters at 3 inches in height cut out of premium vinyl would total almost $ 60.00).

Please keep in mind that we do charge a minimum on all vinyl letter orders. Which simply means that if you need a small amount of lettering there will be vinyl lettering price minimum that will be charged. Speak with a representative for all vinyl letter pricing orders under $ 25.00 to discuss lettering options to comply with our vinyl letter pricing minimums

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