How to apply vinyl lettering and decals

For the do-it-yourselfer, installing vinyl lettering and decals, is easy!

Applying vinyl lettering and graphics is a relatively easy process for the do-it-yourself enthusiasts. However, some vinyl applications are much easier than others. Simple vinyl lettering like DOT Numbers, Boat Names, Phone Numbers, etc. is easily installed by one person. Whereas large vinyl decals (graphics) or blocks of vinyl lettering may require a partner for assistance. Other factors that dictate how hard, or easy it will be do install vinyl decals or lettering, include what type of surface the vinyl is being applied too; how large the lettering or graphics are; where the vinyl will be installed (up high or in awkward spots that are hard to get too); or if the decals or lettering will need, or can be, applied in sections? These questions and others can help determine the ease of applying vinyl lettering and graphics.

Ultimately, no matter the vinyl installation situation, most everybody has success installing their own vinyl decals or vinyl lettering. We are here to help you successfully install your vinyl by offering phone assistance (during operating hours) and online information (after hours). Different companies have different ways of installing vinyl. We have found the dry application method for vinyl application and installation works best for our installers and the general public as well.

For the visually inclined please see our "How to Apply Vinyl Video" that quickly shows you how to apply vinyl decals and lettering; and for our readers out there who like a set of directions to look at and reference, please see our Written Instructions on Vinyl Installation. Both of these tutorials cover the proper way to apply and install adhesive vinyl decals and vinyl lettering. (If after viewing or reading the vinyl application instructions we provide online, still leaves you with any questions or your are uncertain about the proper vinyl installation procedures outlined, call us before trying to install your vinyl to reduce installation catastrophes that could arise.)

If you bought the vinyl from us and you're wanting to apply the vinyl yourself, we have four ways to help teach you how to apply vinyl lettering:

1. You can give us a call and ask us the best way to apply vinyl lettering. We've been installing vinyl lettering for over 20 years. We do it day in and day out. Just give us a call  and we'll walk you through the process step by step.
2. We can email you an instruction sheet on how to apply vinyl lettering.
3. You can purchase a Vinyl Application Kit that has a squeegee, written instructions and a small bottle of our application fluid to help with installation.
4. Or you can view our "How To Apply Vinyl" video or written instructions online by clicking on the links provided above.

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