Are decals removable and reusable?

Absolutely. While decals are permanent they are also removable.

Decals, labels and stickers are all intended for either short term or long term use to stick onto a variety of surfaces, for a multitude of different uses from personal projects to business marketing to product identification. Decals have an adhesive side that allows them to easily be mounted to a surface for display. The adhesive nature of this product makes it a permanent type of decal, that under normal circumstances, won't cause any damage to the underlying surface after the decal is removed.

We offer two different vinyl materials, intermediate and high-performance, which both have different adhesive qualities. Our standard, or intermediate, vinyl sticks better to smooth, non-porous surfaces; whereas, our premium (high-performance) vinyl has a more aggressive adhesive and is better suited for textured surfaces or vehicles. This is because premium decals are printed on thinner vinyl and have a more aggressive adhesive, which conforms and sticks better to slightly textured surfaces and the unique contours or styling a vehicle may have. Both these vinyls will stay in place for many years and can be removed when necessary.

When it's time for removal, the process should fairly simple and easy, especially if the vinyl hasn't been installed that long. The longer decals are left on a surface, the harder they can be to get off. All in all, just equip yourself with a few simple tools, and you should be able to remove just about any decal with a fair amount of ease. So you wonder, how do you actually remove vinyl decals? Let me tell you....

Vinyl Removal Tools:

You'll want to make sure you have a razor blade, squeegee and a hair dryer at hand. The razor blade and squeeze may be necessary to start the decal removal procedure by assisting you with getting under the decal to begin peeling the decal away from the surface. And a hair dryer may be necessary to  heat up the adhesive backing on the decal so that it is easier to remove (this is especially true with decals that have been in tact for lots and lots of years.)

Removing Vinyl:

You can start removing a decal at any point. There is no rhyme or reason on a beginning point. Just simply pick a spot to begin pulling the vinyl off from. Most decals pull off pretty easily, in various sized chunks, and may leave a small amount of residue behind. The left over residue should come of easily by utilizing a mild cleaner. or by gently scraping it off with a sharp edge (be careful if using a sharp edge, as you don't want to damage the surface that you have just removed the decal from.) If you have issues pulling pieces of your decal off, just bust out a hair dryer and heat the decal up (on very low heat), this may help loosen up the adhesive and make your decal removal easier.

But remember, once you remove your permanent decal, YOU CAN'T USE IT AGAIN. Decals are a one-use type of product.

We do carry some non-adhesive products for vehicles and windows that are not permanent. For non-adhesive vehicle decals see our magnetic signs page; and for non-adhesive window decals see our static cling page. Or simply give our sales representatives a call and inquire about how we can help you meet your removable decal needs.

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