Popular uses for adhesive cut vinyl

Cut vinyl is suitable for professional or recreational use.

cut vinyl roll sample

Cut vinyl is a very versatile product that can be used for a multitude of personal and professional signage. Cut vinyl is adhesive and comes in a variety of solid colors that can be cut out to shapes, logos and letters which can be applied to just about any smooth non-porous surface. Cut vinyl comes pre-spaced and has a layer of transfer tape on the top for easy do-it-yourself installations to customize or personalize your office, home, vehicle or creative projects.

Vehicle decals or magnetic signs?

What to consider when choosing your mobile advertising product.

vehicle rpMobile advertising is an extremely effective way to get visually noticed on the road. Choosing what form of mobile advertising will work best for your needs can be determined pretty easily. You'll need to have an exact idea of what kind of budget you are working with and your level of commitment to advertising (temporary or permanent). Answering those questions will greatly help with the level of mobile advertising you are able to achieve and afford. So let's figure out if vehicle decals and graphics or magnetic signs are the right fit for your mobile advertising prerogative.

PVC signs for countertop displays.

Lightweight and affordable custom PVC desk top signs.

PVC counter displaySIGN SPOTLIGHT!

PVC material is such a very versatile substrate that can be used for large signs as well as small signs. In the picture to the left you can see a custom PVC sign for counter top displays. This particular sign includes a digital decal mounted to the face of a white 3 mil PVC substrate. Once the print is applied, a special device is used, to create the bend in the PVC material so that the sign will stand flat on countertop and desk surfaces. These crafty PVC signs are great for office advertising and marketing as well as for trade shows or exhibits. Custom PVC desktop signs are also great for nameplates, instructional signs (i.e. ring bell for assistance, insurance co-pays due at time of service, etc.)

Backdrop and table cover banner combos.

Couple these two event banners together for a professional look.

green tradeshow comboBANNER SPOTLIGHT!

For trade shows and events there is no better banner combination that backdrop banners coupled with table cover banners. When you utilize both of these banners together you get a more fluid and professional look. The banner combination seen in the picture to the left is a classic example of great branding that achieves recognition through simplicity. While both backdrop banners and table cover banners can be purchased and used separately, the visual impact of them both as a unit, gives your booth or display area a more complete presence.


Over-the-street banners have rules to follow.

Things to know before ordering an over-the-street banner.

julybigOver-the-street banners are extra large banners that extend between two unattached structures. Over-the-street banners, otherwise known as street banners or road banners, almost always have to meet certain rules and regulations though. Since this style of banner is installed over areas where people will be walking or driving they must meet certain safety requirements before being hung for display. Specifications on how street banners must be manufactured vary from city to city; so it's always a good idea to check with your local city planning or zoning department to get the information necessary to purchase an over-the-street banner.

Who are we? Orange County Signs, also known as Quick Signs

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