10 ways to use Labels and Decals

Business marketing with the use of labels and decals

product labelsBusinesses can successfully utilize all different sorts of labels and decals to identify and market their business from the inside out. Effective marketing brings recognition and familiarity that can make or break some businesses. Below is a list of 10 creative ways business can use labels and decals to brand their business affordably integrating a professional look all the way around.

Yard signs: A guide to their differences.

Not all yard signs are created equal!

yard-smallStandard Yard Sign (Lawn Sign)

Pictured to the left is what is typically called and considered a standard yard sign or lawn sign. The yard sign you see in the picture is comprised of a digital print (or prints) that are mounted to a piece of corrugated plastic material. Corrugated plastic looks just light cardboard (but in plastic form) with two sides for displaying information. A digital print (or prints) are printed on adhesive vinyl material and adhered to the corrugated plastic, on one side or both, creating the essence of the yard sign (or lawn sign). The finishing touch is a simple two-pronged wire stake which slides easily into the flutes of the corrugated plastic yard sign with the other end of the stake sticking into the ground making the yard sign stand up vertically. This type of yard sign is very lightweight, portable and cost effective and is great for most temporary outdoor uses.

Mobile Advertising on a Budget

Inexpensive mobile advertising options

qs-bdg-medMobile advertising is a great way to generate business for companies, organizations and individuals. But mobile advertising costs money and sometimes that is in short supply and you may wonder if mobile advertising is worth the expense. The answer is YES! Mobile advertising gets you noticed on the streets anywhere you go. Below are some economical ways to invest in mobile advertising without breaking the bank so that you can hit the streets and start pulling in more business.

Why Use Vinyl Banners?

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Vinyl Banners for Advertising!

vinyl bannerWe've all seen vinyl banners around town advertising Happy Hours, Dinner Specials, Holiday Sales, Business Names and the like. And while there are lots of ways to effectively draw attention to your business you may wonder why vinyl banners remain so popular and so viable in this technological age. And while neon LED lights and big screen TV images will definitely get you noticed, there are five great reasons why vinyl banners, while not as flashy, are still highly marketable and a smart choice for outdoor advertising, branding, marketing and information.

Vinyl Banner Hanging Considerations.

Things to consider when hanging vinyl banner signs.

tustinponybigVinyl banner signs are very effective and useful for a myriad of business and personal uses from marketing store wide sales to endorsing politicians to decorations for a birthday or wedding celebration, and the list goes on and on. But when buying a vinyl banner you'll need to consider how the banner will be hung, where it will be displayed and under what conditions to make sure your vinyl banner sign will work for your intended purposes.

Who are we? Orange County Signs, also known as Quick Signs

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