Artwork terminology utilized by sign companies

Demystifying common signage artwork questions.


The sign industry has a wide variety of terms, which could even be considered it's own language to a sense, that may have your everyday Joe scratching their head and asking what the heck are you talking about? This blog will be one of many, that will attempt to simplify the terminology that sign companies across the globe use, and will more than likely be asking about artwork that is being submitted to create any custom signage, especially if there is a problem with the artwork.

Vinyl Wall and Window Murals

Window and wall decals that combine creativity and functionality


The digital age is a beautiful thing especially when it comes to signage. Large scale digital prints create vibrant and eye-catching signs on a variety of mediums, one of which is vinyl,  that can be displayed to catch the attention of customers, clients or guests or to creativity; or to fill blank spaces, like walls and windows, with a visually pleasing image to enjoy or inform that can be installed easily and eventually removed to make way for updated images.

The Five Basics for Ordering Cut Vinyl Letters.

Stream-lining your custom vinyl lettering ordering process.

cut vinyl letteringFor those of you that do not have "print-ready" (or cut-ready) files at your disposal, but are in the market for purchasing custom vinyl lettering, the next few paragraphs are for you. Cut vinyl lettering is a very popular permanent, yet temporary, form of sign and decal making. Cut vinyl letters can be applied to just about any smooth, non-porous surface that will last for years indoors and outdoors. Cut vinyl lettering is an easy and cost-effective way to advertise on cars, windows, walls, floors and much more without having to invest in a custom paint job. But to effectively purchase cut vinyl lettering, you'll need to have a basic idea of a few different key components, that will make your ordering process easy and less time consuming.

Foamboard posters for dazzling displays

Gold mirror vinyl decals coupled with digital prints on foamboard.

metallic-gold-foamboardFEATURED SIGN OF THE DAY!

Custom signs are what we do on a continual basis to help meet our customers sign needs. The photo pictured to your left are extremely customized to satisfy this particular clients' trade show poster board vision which involves combining a few different printing elements to complete this beautiful gold mirror foamboard poster sign.

This particular trade show poster encountered three specific steps to bring the clients' vision to fruition, which was to have a full color digital print on a rigid surface with gold and silver mirrored seals, to creativity make their tradeshow display pop and shine. Below is a short description of how this beautiful trade show foamboard poster was created and produced by our talented sign staff.

Refrigerator magnets have an abundance of uses!

Affordable mini magnets for the home and office and more!

fridge-with-magnetsTake a loot at just about any fridge or file cabinet in any home or office nationwide and what do you see? Yep, that's right, refrigerator magnets! Those handy little multi-taskers help affix important information, papers, invitations, recipes, directions, and the what not to the front of your fridge while they themselves usually sport some form of advertising, decoration or information. Refrigerator magnets are a great investment for any company that needs promotional coverage and wants to get in on the in-home advertising market. And refrigerator magnets can also be creatively used for personal invitations, little league calendars, football schedules and more!


Who are we? Orange County Signs, also known as Quick Signs

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