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How to Get the Best Out Of Political Campaign Signs

election-bannersPolitics rolls around every few years and politicians hit the campaign trail seeking approval and votes. In most instances, the campaign office recruits representatives all over the country to facilitate the grass roots campaign activities. These representatives may be funded or may be volunteered.

If you are one of the volunteers of such a grass roots campaign for either a presidential candidate or any other representative running for elective office then you may find yourself having to get together your own political signs, stickers and decals in order to augment your efforts. Here are a few things to consider before getting your political signs.

Printing Signs in Full Color


Full Color Printing

Let the beauty stand out...any color in the rainbow

full color sign printing

Years ago, most banners were either hand painted or were made using adhesive backed vinyl cut lettering and graphics. Computer cut vinyl banners are still made today by many sign shops. But unfortunately, the buyer is limited to a handful of vinyl colors and only a few banner fabric colors.

Now, thanks for modern technology and the advent of digital banner printers, we can print directly onto the vinyl banner material, any design or any amount of colors that you wish. No longer are you limited to only a handful of vinyl banner and vinyl color choices. And the best part, it doesn't matter how many colors you use in your design, all colors are available at the same low price!

Since we can now print directly onto a banner, the process is as easy as printing from your desktop printer. Just give us your file to print and we'll print it - any color at any size! Photographs, graphic images, or your logo can be printed onto your banner at no additional charge!

Directional Signs...to point the way!

This-a-way or That-a-way...signs that help with direction.

directional arrow sign

Nobody likes getting lost. Not going in the right direction can cost time, money and face. There are so many instances where a directional sign can help get everybody to the right location without any hassles.

Most directional signs are made for indoor and outdoor use and can be as simple as a yard sign with an arrow to a more elaborate acrylic office suite sign with a detailed map of all the suites and important locations in the building.

Tailgate advertising

Marketing Magnetic Signs to Market Local Businesses

hatchback vehicle magnetic sign

Who's got your back? We do...with magnetic signs, digital graphics and cut vinyl!

Day in and day out most of us drive in our fair share of traffic commuting to all sorts of various destinations. How many times have you found yourself behind a car, inching along for miles and miles, blankly staring at the back end of said vehicle?

Sometimes the monotony of it all is broken up when your fellow commuter has adorned their vehicle with clever bumper stickers with personal or political quips, or maybe the ever popular and diverse collections of stick figure family window decals. Sometimes, when I eventually pass some of  these vehicles, I notice that they have business advertising on the sides of their vehicles (cut vinyl, custom decals/graphics or vehicle magnetic signs) and I always wonder why they didn't see fit to utilize one of the most valuable locations on their vehicle...the back end...a.k.a. trunk area, tailgate, hatch back etc., that I just had the pleasure of admiring for the last 30 to 45 minutes of my 60 minute commute.

Laminate, or not laminate...that is the question!

Do I need to laminate my sign?


In the world of digital printing there are many elements to completing a successful sign that fits the needs of the customer. One of the components of a successful sign is assessing whether the sign will need a laminate or if the digital print can stand alone without a laminate.

Determining whether a sign truly needs lamination is a fairly simple science that directly depends on the environment that it will be installed in; how the sign will be used; and lastly, how long the print needs to last.

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