Sign shops can help with interior decorating.

Interior decorating with sign shops.

wall lettering

So, all the furnishings and fixtures have been set into place around the home or office, and you find yourself looking around at the blank wall, floor, window and glass space that is in need of some pizzazz! What to do? Well you could go out to a chain store like Target, Home Depot, Living Spaces, etc. and purchase generic graphics or prints to accentuate your decor; or kick it up a notch by finding a local sign shop to help you produce custom digital wall graphics and window graphics, lettering, frosted crystal vinyl or poster prints to adorn your space with visually stunning interior decorations.

Orange County signs, services & shopping!

Hey Orange County...keep it local!  

orangecounty signs in TustinOrange County is a diversely populated city that is home to many large and small businesses of all kinds. Our local business providers offer up some great services to the community, and in return, need the community they serve to help keep them in business. When you buy and shop locally you give back to your community by keeping these businesses open, to be able to employ local residents, thus keeping the circle of consumerism flowing.

Now I know just how easy it is to hop on a computer and order things from states away and have it shipped right to your door without having to get out of your pajamas, and though that is so very easy and convenient, it lines the pockets of other businesses in cities far far away, and does nothing to help you better your own community. Buying locally brings you closer to your community and also generates revenue for your why not keep it local?

5 things to look for when buying magnetic signs.

Factors when buying magnetic car signs

What to look for when buying magnetic signsSignage lies at the core of every marketing campaign. According to research conducted on the advertising industry, signs account for 50% of all advertising dollars paid, which translates to 100% of all other advertising revenues combined.

In other words, signs are big and the amount of money that goes into signage demonstrates this. Magnetic signs should be a factor when making advertising decisions.

Magnetic Signs. Effective Business Marketing

Marketing Magnetic Signs to Market Local Businesses

car magnets for your doors

Marketing is the one of the central pillars of any successful business and is often the reason a business will either succeed or fail based on how this important exercise is conducted.

Marketing magnetic signs often involves some form of engagement with the public in a bid to begin a conversation that may hopefully lead to conversion of the person being engaged into a paying customer.

Magnetic Signs. What to say on your car magnets

Vehicle Magnetic Signs. What wording to use on your car signs.

What wording to put on your magnetic signs

Using magnetic signs for your vehicle is quickly becoming the most popular and cost effective way to advertise your business or services. Whether parked or constantly on the go, magnetic signs attached to your vehicle is an optimal way to drum up new business.

Who are we? Orange County Signs, also known as Quick Signs

Quick Signs, also known as,  has been a leader in the signs and graphics industry for over 20 years. We specialize in large format printing utilizing state-of-the-art digital printers. We service the signs and banner industry of Orange County, California and we produce and ship our sign products everywhere in the United States. The cities we service in Orange County are Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Orange, Anaheim and many other surrounding communities including San Diego County, Los Angeles County and all of Southern California, and anywhere in the United States!  Local Service Areas

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