Do you have cheap banner pricing?

Our banner prices are very competitive industry-wide.

When comparing our banners with other sign shop banners, make sure that you are comparing banners equally. Any sign shop can sell you a cheap banner. But, to get the best product for the best price, you'll need to make sure that you are comparing banners to banners.

Questions to ask before buying a banner:

What weight banner is used?  Some banner makers will sell a 10oz., 12oz, 13oz. banner. The weight of the banner is per square yard. Because a banner is heavier, does not mean that it is stronger. For digital print banners, we usually print on a 13 oz. vinyl banner material. This banner is fine for most "non stress" banner applications. But, if your banner is used in high stress circumstances (strong wind conditions or tied tightly using only the four corner grommets), ask us about our much stronger Non-Rip banner material.

If you are purchasing a "stitched" the banner vinyl reinforced in any way? We can add additional webbing, rope, snap hooks or other additional hardware to reinforce your banner upon request.

Will the banner handle high stress conditions? If not, what other banner options are available?

What type of inks are used in the printing process...Screen print inks; Latex inks; Archival inks; Eco-sol inks; Solvent inks; or just plain vinyl lettering (which is not an ink, but adhesive backed vinyl applied to a vinyl banner)? The type of ink used in printing your banner can affect how long the banner will resist fading. Color fading is usually only a factor on long term outdoor banners.

What resolution will your specific banner be printed at? Many companies have high resolution printers. Sometimes they will only print at a low resolution because lower resolution printing is usually a faster print. All of our  banners are printed at high resolution.

Are your artwork files reviewed by a graphic artist for quality before the banner is printed? Many banner companies receive a file from a customer and print the file "as is".  Our graphic artists open all files to check for issues that could affect the final printed banner. We verify sizing issues, resolution issues, readability, color issues and make sure that the finished banner will meet your needs. We offer these services FREE of charge to our customers!

So are our prices competitive? When comparing banners to banners, we believe our banner prices are equal to or are the lowest in the industry. Our goal is to produce high quality banners at affordable prices....a good value for your dollar!

The bottom line is, if you find the same product at a lower price, we should be able to match or beat the price. If we can't match or beat the price, we'll tell you up front if you're getting a good price on the sign. We know that we can't get every sale. But, we sure like to try, so give us a shot!

Need Banner Help? Call our banner specialists: 714-573-9313

Who are we? Orange County Signs, also known as Quick Signs

Quick Signs, also known as,  has been a leader in the signs and graphics industry for over 20 years. We specialize in large format printing utilizing state-of-the-art digital printers. We service the signs and banner industry of Orange County, California and we produce and ship our sign products everywhere in the United States. The cities we service in Orange County are Tustin, Irvine, Newport Beach, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Laguna Niguel, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, Orange, Anaheim and many other surrounding communities including San Diego County, Los Angeles County and all of Southern California, and anywhere in the United States!  Local Service Areas

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