How should I store my banner?

Roll banners - Never Fold!

Banners can be a big investment. The last thing you want to do is ruin a beautiful brand new banner. To prolong the life and good looks of your banner proper storage practices are very important! The best place to store your banner is in the box that it originally shipped in, or if picking up your banner, to either purchase a box from your local mail center or request a box from your banner company. Storing the banner in it's original box or store bought box protects the banner from being squished, flattened or trampled which can cause creasing.

Since a lot of banners are purchased to be used over and over again for promotional advertising (think happy hours or Monday Night Football specials), annual sales or events, booth identification for trade shows, farmer's markets, etc. they'll need some proper maintenance and care in between uses. When you are finished using the banner, and it's ready for banner storage, just wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove possible dirt build-up. Allow the banner to dry before banner storage and once it is completely dry, roll up the banner and place it in the shipping bo, until the next time you need to use your banner. Until then the banner will be stored in the proper fashion, keeping your banner safe and sound from the elements and dreadful banner creases (...see paragraph below).


Folding your banner will result in creases in the material that can ruin the overall look of your banner making it looked aged and unattractive. The creases may even turn to cracks, which will further damage your banner, by compromising the initial durability of the banner material itself. This rule also applies to fabric banners. Even though most people figure fabric banners are okay to fold, we highly suggest otherwise, as folding any banner will eventually result in creasing of the banner.

For more information on the care and storage of banners, give our banner consultants a call, and we'll be glad to pass around some tips and tricks.

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