Are large banners better?

In most cases, the bigger the banner, the better.

We can make your banner to any size you need. But ultimately the size of the banner you choose will have to do with your banner budget, the allowable area for your banner, how you'll be hanging your banner, possible government restrictions, distance away from target audience and the amount of information that you need to convey to your viewer.

But in reality actual there is no normal banner size, whether your banner be large or small, especially since all our banners are custom made to order. When trying to determine the size for your banner keep in consideration the message you are trying to convey and from how far away it will need to be seen. Most banners are meant for up-close viewing and don't need to be excessively large. But other banners may need to be seen from far away, due to banner installation location and the lack of proximity to the viewer.

Now with that in mind, the information you'll be displaying on your banner, also needs to be kept in mind. On either banner style, large or small, it's never good to over-crowd the banner with unnecessary text or graphics that will deter the viewer from getting the message you are trying to get across. Smaller banners will naturally have smaller letter, unless the banner only has a few words; whereas larger banners will have to utilize large text sizes to be visible to their target audience.

The letter visibility chart below breaks down letter sizes to viewable distance ratios. When trying to figure a size for your banner this chart plays a helpful role giving our customers some knowledge to letter sizing and viewing distances. Remember to review what your banner truly needs to convey, your available space to hang your banner, your visibility needs and lastly your budget (the larger the banner, the bigger the price.)


If you are still unsure of whether a large banner or a small banner would work best, please feel free to give our banner consultant team a call at (714) 573-9313, and let our knowledgeable sign specialists help you pick a size that best fits your individual banner needs.

Need Banner Help? Call our banner specialists: 714-573-9313

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