Banners: Mesh, Flag and Fabric

Yes. We have a variety of different banners to offer you.

Over our 25 years plus years in business we continually expand our printing heights by offering popular new banner styles to our customers. Some of the newer banner styles that have gained popularity over the years (mesh banners, flag banners, fabric banners) have specific banner qualities that make them more attractive than a standard vinyl printed banner. Vinyl banners were once the print industry standard, and though still very relevant in today's banner market get out-shined by these newer banner options because of their versatility, adaptability and usability.


These ingenious banners are printed on a very unique type of vinyl that is made up of thousands of tiny little micro-holes. The perforated nature of a mesh banner allows wind to flow through the banner with less resistance. Standard vinyl banners tend to act like a sail in windy locations and can be damaged if displayed in high wind conditions. Mesh banners are printed in full color, just like standard banners, so your digitally printed mesh banner will be just as vibrant. Another neat factor about mesh banners is that since the material is perforated you can actually view whats on the other side of a banner. Most standard banners are dense and opaque, whereas mesh banners, have a more translucent quality because of all the tiny holes in the banner material that make it more aerodynamic for windy locations.


Printing on fabric has come a long way with fabric banner printing. There are a variety of different styles of fabric that accommodate digital printing techniques to produce a very light weight yet visually stunning fabric banner. Fabric banners have a flowing quality about them because of the nature of the banner material and give a softer look when compared to vinyl banners. A very popular fabric banner is the tablecloth banner which is practically the norm for all trade show advertising these days. Another popular use for fabric banners is in the form of backdrop banners for bands, photo ops, stage scenes and so much more.


Flag banners are another great outdoor alternative to a standard banner. Flag banners are printed onto durable flag-like material that is more fluid than a static vinyl banner. Flag banners are vertical in nature and are easily seen by passer's-by and don't take up a lot of space. Flag banners hang on a banner pole system that attaches to an indoor or outdoor base, or both! Besides flag banners being wind friendly they are sought after because of their 360 degree maneuverability which makes them visible in every direction the wind blows. And with single-sided or double-sided capabilities flag (or wind banners) have become a staple in creative outdoor advertising.

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