How long do banners last?

Your banner should last for years!

Banners in general are manufactured out of materials that are meant to last out in the elements for years and years at a time. So offhand, most all banners will have a good long lifespan, generally anywhere from 2 years on up to 7 years and maybe even more. Now of course, banner life does vary from banner to banner, due to extenuating circumstances that are beyond our control once we have printed and shipped your banner. When a customer orders and receives a banner from us, the banner delivered will always have a pre-determined life expectancy. This banner life expectancy is based on the banner type, banner finishing and the assumption that the banner will be displayed properly and endure normal weather conditions.

If your specific banner type, banner finishing, banner installation or banner location are not in harmony, the banner life that we guaranteed, can become compromised and result in a banner that doesn't last as long as it should. For instance, if you were to order a regular banner, which normally has a typical outdoor life of 2 - 3 years and install it improperly or stick it in a location with excessive daily sunlight the banner may decline before its time. Why you ask? Well improper banner installation (banner hanging) can put unnecessary on banner edges causing the corners to rip out; and lots of direct sun may cause the banner to fade quicker, even though we utilize fade resistant inks.

The length of time that your banner will last depends a lot on the customer and how they use the banner, but for all intensive purposes, our regular digital indoor/outdoor printed banners can be expected to last 2-5 years outdoors and will last practically a lifetime indoors (where banner stress levels are practically non-existent.) Our stitched banners and over-sized banners will last about the same time as a regular banner. Same goes for any printed indoor/outdoor banner we carry like Mesh Banners, Flag/Wind Banners, Pole Banners, etc. The only banner style that will outlast a printed banner is our vinyl lettered banners, which typically last 5 to 7 years outdoors, sometimes longer. The reason they last long is because there is no digital printing involved. Vinyl lettered banners have solid colored vinyl letters, that are adhered to the face of a solid colored vinyl banner, which take much longer to fade than digital prints.

Also keep in mind, the length of time that a banner should last, has a lot to do with how the banner is installed and maintained. For outdoor use, a banner may last less than a week, if poorly installed or if the banner type chosen does not match the environmental conditions it is placed in. Also, folding a banner for storage instead of rolling the banner, could lead to permanent creases that destroy the look and integrity of your newly purchased banner.

Please see our Banner Installation & Maintenance page for banner care instructions.

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