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All our printed banners are full color unless otherwise requested.

Large scale and small scale digitally printed banners are commonly printed in full color. Full color allows for vibrant images and rich colors to be digitally created for all your printing needs. And even though your banner may just have one, two or three colors in the banner design we always print full color unless the customer requests a different print method like spot color printing which is very popular for silk screen banners.

Our digital printers achieve full color printing utilizing the CMYK color mode. CMYK printing is the industry standard when it comes to printing banners, decals, labels, vehicle graphics, etc. Basically anything printed, that will be viewed by the human eye in person, will be digitally printed using a CMYK color code for full color printing. CMYK full color utilizes four 100% pure colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) in varying degrees and shades of each color that gives full color printing the opportunity to capture all the colors of the rainbow and then some.

Some other color modes that are prevalent in the printing industry are RGB color, Pantone Color and Spot Color. RGB color is used for computer viewing and combined the colors of Red, Green and Blue to create the images you see on the screen. Pantone color is a very specific color matching system that serves as an overall guide to mix a consistent color across the board for hundreds of colors. Spot color or one color, two color or three color printing usually utilized pre-mixed ink colors that are applied to the digital print one at a time.

RGB color is only used for viewing and does not translate over into full color banner printing unless the color mode is changed to CMYK. But since these two color modes use different color combinations, when the printed file is switched to CMYK from RGB, color shifting can occur. This color shift can be moderate to extreme depending on the color ratios. When creating artwork for any print production always build your files employing the CMYK color mode for the best print results.

Pantone colors are a universally accepted way to request specific colors that are intended to be printed with consistent results across the board. Most all printing companies can match a Pantone color call-out if your artwork calls for it and you have the specific Pantone Color information the sign company needs. Pantone colors essentially break down into CMYK color call-outs that printers use as a guideline to print and match a specific identified color make-up.

Spot color applies to any printing that applys one, two or three premixed colors to a banner print. Spot color, kind of akin to Pantone color, is a specific color combination. The difference is that spot colors are already mixed or fixed and Pantone colors have a formula to create the exact color. Spot color printing is widely used for silk screen printing on a variety of substrates like t-shirts, banners, bumper stickers and more.

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