Are banners weatherproof?

Yes, our banners are made for all types of weather.

When we say that our banners are weather proof, we mean the they can withstand most all normal weather situations, if they are properly installed. Another consideration in guaranteeing that our banners are weatherproof, is to make sure that the type of banner ordered matches the type of environment it will be displayed in. For instance, our standard vinyl banners are water proof and fire resistant, but they are not made to withstand strong winds and adverse weather conditions; whereas our mesh banners are better suited for windy conditions, because of the tiny micro-holes that this particular vinl banner material is comprised of, that allows the wind to pass through the banner easier than our standard banners.

Wind, rain, snow and heat are all elemental factors that most all of the United States experience at some point...some more than others. All our banners are manufactured to be exposed to these conditions for pro-longed outdoor use. Typical weather conditions won't affect a properly installed banner, so if your area is fairly temperate your banner should last a good long time. But if you live in areas where severe weather conditions, or frequent inclement weather is prevalent you may want to consider consulting with our banner experts. We have been producing banners for over 25 years and know all about banners. Our banner consultants can help guide you in purchasing a banner that will best meet your budgetary needs, as well as climate needs, by presenting different banner styles or banner finishing options that may better suit your environmental banner needs.

Sometimes changing up banner fabrics or banner finishing techniques, that better match your environmental situations, is all that is needed to ensure that your banner has been properly weather proofed for your location. As stated above, severely windy areas, may benefit from choosing a mesh banner or a standard banner, as mesh banners are printed onto a perforated banner material; or another option would be a wind (flag) banner that is printed on a heavy-duty fabric banner material that flaps in the wind like flags do. The little tweaks or suggestions your banner consultant may make, to help steer you in the right weather proof banner direction, could save you money in the long run. Because if you purchase a banner that is not equipped for any special weather needs it may get damaged and be costly to replace or fix.

And don't forget about the maintenance, storage and care of your banner. All three of these components help your banner stay weather proof for years to come. Properly cleaning your banner to remove dust and debris keeps your banner looking great. And when your banner is not in use, proper storage, helps maintain the integrity of the print and the banner material so that it remains weather proof for a good long time.

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