Gerber Edge Thermal Printingspot color printing

Need white ink and spot color durable decals and stickers.Edged decals

The Gerber Edge-FX is a perfect decal printing choice!

Gerber Edge thermal printing is great for short runs and spot color sticker and decal print production. This versatile machine produces spot and process color decals and stickers quickly, efficiently and affordably.

spot color printing

Gerber Edge printing allows you to print and cut all in one production process. Spot color decals and stickers printed on a Gerber Edge also tend to last longer than digitally printed decals because of their special thermal printing process. Thermal printing actually uses heat and pressure to transfer the ink onto the material surface, for more even and consistent color saturation, without need for lamination.

In comparison to digital printing, the Gerber Edge produces a superior product when it comes down to longevity of a print. Digital printing uses fade-resistant inks that produce vibrant and beautiful images, but the print lifespan is shorter than that of Gerber Edge printing. The Gerber Edge utilizes pure color foils which are actually fused onto the material through heat and pressure giving Edge prints a 3 – 5 year fade-resistant life span without the need for lamination.

As well as a longer print life-span, Gerber Edge printing has a very accurate print and cut capability, allowing for custom cuts on decals and stickers. The Gerber Edge is pefect for short run printing, allowing for smaller decal quantities, without having to meet the high minimums of some off-set printing companies. Custom decals at a great price.

White Ink Prints

Hard to find "white ink" printing process for adhesive vinyl decals is now easy.

Another great advantage of the Gerber Edge thermal print process is the ability to be able to print “white” as an ink color. Digital printers operate using a 4, 6, or 8 color print process that is comprised of CMYK++ inks that essentially print any color imaginable; except for white, as white is an actual absence of color. With digital printing, white areas you see on a print, are actually the material itself, and not a “printed” ink color. And when you digitally print on clear vinyl, all the white areas, would in essence be see through because white can’t be printed as a color. The Gerber Edge’s thermal printing solves this problem. White can actually be printed as a spot color along with process color decals on a variety of substrates including clear vinyl for window graphics, vehicle graphics, static cling decals and much, much more!

In essence, Gerber Edge decals, stickers and graphics are great products, without quantity minimums. Whether you need spot color printing, process color printing or white on clear decals/stickers. With the ability to print and cut each decal to shape, from 1 decal to hundreds of decals, this form of printing may be exactly what you are looking for.

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For more information on Gerber EdgeFX printing and white ink decals, give our decal specialists a call.


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