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Blank magnetic sign material for cover-ups.magnetic rolls

Hide permanent vehicle graphics with magnetic sign blanks.

What do you do when you have permanent vehicle graphics on your vehicle, but you need to cover them up? One solution is to order blank magnetic sign material to place over the graphics when needed. What's great about using blank magnetic signs for vehicle graphic concealment, is that you can take them off and store them in your car, and use them throughout the day when/if necessary.

Blank magnetic signs

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Alot of condominium and townhome communities have strict rules regarding signage on parked cars within the neighborhood. Some HOA's can be a little more forgiving and turn an eye to permanent vehicle graphics, whereas, others are very prudent in following the community rules. Blank magnetic signs also come in handy for commercial companies that are required to cover their graphics on certain work sites. We also have clients, that have purchased blank magnetic signs, to cover their own vehicle because they don't want to advertise their business while the car is parked at home. Whatever the reason, Quick Signs, can help you with your blank magnetic sign needs.

Blank magnetic signs can either be cut to size for you, or you can order bulk material and cut the pieces to fit your vehicle as you see fit. Another option to consider, when ordering blank magnetic signs, is to have a piece of colored vinyl adhered to the face of the magnetic material to try and match the color of your vehicle. If we don't have a stock color that matches your vehicle, we may be able to digitally print a color more in tune with your vehicle color, to place onto the material to better match your car instead of the stark white of the blank magnetic material.

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